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  1. Would be great if someone at the club could remind fans of the advice regarding wearing face coverings in the concourses and the bars (as well as the loos) as there weren't too many people doing this on Tuesday.
  2. Strange - but maybe worth ringing the pub before you venture down.
  3. Doubt it as I think they have SKY and not BT Sport.
  4. I'd like someone like Burnley or Brighton at home, beat them convincingly and give us a psychological boost.
  5. I skipped merrily down the concourse (with my face covering on of course!)
  6. The only problem I had was the turnstile guy questioning my age as it was the first time I'd been able to use my concessionary old age git season ticket! (I suppose I should take that as a compliment!!!!).
  7. Exactly....... and look what happened after that
  8. Exactly....... and look what happened after that
  9. Never bought a half and half but have to admit I bought scarves for Vitesse Arnhem, Bayern and Inter on our European travels - for good measure also bought an AC Milan one whilst in Milan.
  10. Told the half and half salesman outside the Lower Barclay that I'd have one if he cut the red bit off!
  11. Really loved the video piece - great credit to you and the club - great choice of pre-match drinking venue too!
  12. Well, I've read through all this and all I can say is all those calling out Horsefly to prove that the chants were made with racist intent have not offered up any evidence to show they weren't. As for the suggestion that we should ask the Leeds fans as to whether there was any racist motivation to the chant - yeah, I'm sure they're going to admit to that. As for the Gilmour chants from the Liverpool fans and the 'victim' chants from our fans I could hear them both clearly in the middle of the Lower Barclay (and my hearing isn't that good!!!) - the 'victim' chant started in the Snakepit and not many others joined in. BTW - please, please can we stop dragging out the Tony Martin incident based chant, particularly as most of those singing it weren't even born when it happened!!! Really shows a 'little old Norwich' mentality.
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