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  1. A Positive Brexit Thread makes as much sense as a hedgehog in a condom factory! I've positively been waiting for replacement printer cartridges for 2 months thanks to the wonders of Brex****!
  2. Cheers BP, I stand corrected - just have to see what transpires - maybe have to get the moth eaten tenner out of my wallet for the game then!
  3. Back to the original topic - I remember the 75 Final well but probably not because it was shi*e. I managed to get tickets for myself and 3 mates from Uni - one of whose parents lived in Brixton so we all stayed there. We were in London from the Friday (28 Feb) which coincided with the Moorgate Tube Disaster in which 43 people died. I can remember my mate's next door neighbour being a nurse on duty at Moorgate coming home all covered in dust and dirt and being somewhat traumatised. With regard to the match - I just remember us being awful and the horrible goal from Ray Graydon - gave him no end of stick at Carrow Road when he was playing in a reserve match for Oxford United against us in the late 70's/early 80's?
  4. Matt - given that the Bournemouth away fixture was moved from a Friday (midweek) to a weekend and we, therefore, couldn't view it on ifollow, I would expect the reverse to be the case (i.e. we now get it on ifollow) I may be wrong but I was expecting to be able to watch it.
  5. Mine too - probably my favourite ever player - fantastic keeper and a great character too.
  6. Only one or Inspector Frost gets sent round to your gaff to deal with it!
  7. Been to two games now and absolutely no problem - the camera angles give a very false impression.
  8. Sorry Paul but I can't necessarily agree with this Government age bias - my teenage daughter and her friends have been more responsible than some of the elder members of the community. My daughter always wears a mask in the shops/indoors venues, books tables, keeps to the numbers and socially distances but when I went to my local shop in the village, I was the only one with a mask and three other people in the shop (older than me and I am 65) weren't wearing masks and neither was the shop keeper or his staff member - absolutely disgraceful on a number of fronts. I think that targetting the young is an easy cop out and I certainly see more responsibility amongst the young than some of the older (I'm alright Jack) members of the community!
  9. Sorry, I'm a total technophobe so excuse my ignorance - am I right in thinking that if I have an HDMI cable that links my laptop to my TV it will work OK or do I just have to resort to my laptop - any help gratefully received!
  10. Well, the photo of the crowd tells a different story to what it was really like - my wife and daughter said the same things as what some are saying on here about social distancing. In practice, inside the stadium, because of the large concourse under the South Stand it was easy to keep well separated and everybody adhered to the face mask regulations. And with no vending points open in the concourse there was no queuing or crowding within the stadium. In fact, at half time the gates at the rear of the South Stand were opened up so that people could stand outside. There were two vending outlets outside for food and drink and both had well distanced queues. Pitch side, as somebody else has said there was a row separation both in front and behind and at least two seats separation between 'support bubbles'. Looking around, it appeared that the the 'support bubbles', in the main, contained pairs of fans rather than larger groups. There were also loads of stewards to help and advise and my impression of maybe a bit of crowding at the end of the game was the usual few people who just wanted to get up and go whatever the instructions were! And I can assure you, there were plenty of announcements about what you should be doing at the final whistle. The club also had it well organised with having vendors constantly wandering around the stand (like an American baseball match) with food and drinks on offer - everything with contactless payment. All in all, I thought the club organised it very well and at no time did I feel unsafe. The general feeling I got from everyone was that we were all so grateful and felt so privileged to be there. If the experiment is repeated (and that probably looks less and less likely) I would highly recommend applying for a ticket and I am more than happy to not get another shot at it until all my fellow ST holders have had a similar chance. On a final note, I would say that the club would find it very difficult to operate a similar experiment around the rest of the ground, not because of the seating arrangements but because of the narrowness of the concourses and stairwells. The South Stand is the obvious 'test bed' and I would have thought that maybe 25% capacity of it would be feasible and safe - very odd to see City fans in the away section though!
  11. Haha - yes. You wouldn't be wanting to walk past the lion enclosure at London Zoo with that shirt on!
  12. Will send money today - after my disastrous performance last year just hoping to end up above Tilly!!!!
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