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  1. Lord Horn (again)

    Small Claim To Fame.

    He had'nt got to the 'give us your f**king money' stage by then - it was more early Boomtown Rat era! In response to your question though, yes, I do know Tilly!
  2. Lord Horn (again)

    Small Claim To Fame.

    When I was at uni, my girlfriend's Dad was a mate of Ron Flowers (Wolves, England, 1966 World Cup squad etc) and she used to baby sit his kids. Met him a number of times and he was a really nice bloke - he had all his England caps in an Adidas bag - was very disilliusioned with football as he was playing during the age of the maximum wage limit. Told me he made more money being Manager of Telford United than he had during his whole football career. Another football related one - another friend at uni was the cousin of Bill Kenwright (Everton Chairman and West End impresario) - got invited to Sunday lunch at his posh house in London when I was working there. It was the day after the Scum won the FA Cup in 1978 - a game I refused to watch on TV - Bill made me sit down and watch the highlights with him on the Sunday afternoon! Aopart from that , a really nice guy and passionate about Everton. Also once said hello to Bob Geldorf on the tube thinking he was an old mate!!!
  3. Lord Horn (again)

    Warnock on his way to Portman Road

    Only if I run out of toilet paper!
  4. Lord Horn (again)

    Anyone else hugely excited?

    Can you get really excited about the game on Saturday Lakey? I'm relying on you!!!! BTW, I didn't see Emi's past two performances coming and Todd was outstanding against Spuds - long may it continue.
  5. Lord Horn (again)

    Weak link anywhere?

    Wisbech.......... ooops sorry I thought you said 'Missing Link'
  6. Well I was there as well and thought that Posh played the far better constructive football and that Rotherham didn't really get going until the second half. Happy to nick Ivan Toney off Posh if we do get relegated!
  7. Lord Horn (again)

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    The worst thing about this for me is the two people I am most likely to travel to away games with will be in different groups so the only chance we have of getting seats together is to wait to see if there are any still available for season ticket holders (as one of my pals didn't take up the away membership option this season).
  8. Lord Horn (again)

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    Conversely, the worst two keepers I've seen (since I began watching in 1964) must be Theoclitoris and Simon Tracey!
  9. Lord Horn (again)

    Nelson's Revenge...

    You need to get out a bit more - there are some fantastic restaurants and foodie places in Norwich (and Norfolk)!
  10. Lord Horn (again)

    Steer clear!

    That's the best post I've seen here in ages - having been a diehard since 1964 I couldn't agree more!
  11. Lord Horn (again)

    Brighton Tickets

    Well, despite the horrendous weather and the result, we had a great weekend in Brighton. Didn't see too much of the outside of the ground as we were blown from Falmer Station to the away end and couldn't get in fast enough to avoid getting soaked! Staff and stewards were great and had some brilliant banter with home fans on the train to and from Lewes. Strangely, we were sitting outside a cafe on the sea front in the sun on Sunday morning and the sea was like a millpond - have never seen such contrasting weather over two days. Will deffo return next year if we are in the same league!
  12. Lord Horn (again)

    Must go

    This is almost as stupid as Brexit .........no, that's not possible!
  13. Lord Horn (again)

    Brighton Tickets

    Well, I was very keen to go to this one - new ground for me (the previous times we've played there didn't fit in with dates I could make), a weekend by the sea and Brighton is a great cosmopolitan city. Can't wait!!!
  14. Lord Horn (again)

    OT Lowestoft Town

    No, it's called 'senility' - ask Tilly about it
  15. Lord Horn (again)

    OT Lowestoft Town

    Off to see Lowestoft Town's FA Cup Match tomorrow - out of interest (being the tight old git that I am), cananyone tell if I have to be 60 or 65 to qualify for the concessionary bargain price of £8. Thanks in advance to anyone that knows!