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  1. Adam's hattrick is well worth a shout at Preston in the Cup too!
  2. Brilliant meal and beers at a pub in Lewes after the Brighton away game. Crate Brewery before the West Ham game. Cracking pint at Spurs.......... hang on there's a theme emerging here......
  3. Would love to see Brentford go up (particularly at the expense of Leeds - unlikely with so few games left, I know). The Prem hate teams like Brentford whilst so-called bigger clubs - Sunderland, WBA, Forest etc lurk elsewhere.
  4. Oops - sorry. Got 6/7 on the 'old' grounds quiz as well.
  5. Well, being a bit of an old git, I tend to enjoy whatever league we're in unless we are absolute pants - which accounts for a couple of Prem relegation seasons (notably the Hughton era) and some dire Championship seasons culminating in the drop to League 1. I have enjoyed going to a few new grounds this year - including the very windy trip to Brighton (mainly because of some cracking beers in Lewes!). With regard to the football this year, it's been pretty dire post-lockdown but I thought the writing was on the wall even back as far as the Burnley away game. Having said that, prior to lockdown I've enjoyed most of our home games as they have all been entertaining - whatever the outcome - Man City obviously stands out but Newcastle, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United and Leicester were all entertaining in contrast to that Hughton season when the only game I can remember as being entertaining was the Liverpool home game and we lost that!!! Have enjoyed seeing some great players this year but next season will be looking forward to:- No VAR, more games at reasonable times, the New York Tavern (Rotherham) , meeting up with one of my best mates from uni (Coventry fan) and going to Wycombe (for the first time since our FA Cup trip the day after Mike Walker pi**ed off). Obviously, the big spanner in the works is if some, all or any of us are allowed to attend in the forthcoming season - seeing what's happening elsewhere and with dire predictions about the impact of a second wave I wouldn't at all be surprised we you don't see any sort of crowd at Carrow Road this side of Christmas if not until the 2021-22 season.
  6. 9/10 - I got Hillsborough wrong - doh! Great link - thanks.
  7. Laurie Sheffield and Simon Tracey - after Theo of course!
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