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  1. 15 minutes less in the pub afterwards....... gutted!!!!!!
  2. I trump you by seeing the Stones at the old Gaumont Cinema (opposite Bonds) in 1964 and Pink Floyd at the Lads Club in King Street. I did see some bands at the Orford but who knows who they were!!!
  3. Totally agree but we did get 22 points last season - vast improvement on our previous spell in the Prem
  4. Was going to do that but it was only when I got out of the car that I realised I'd left it at home....DOH!
  5. Born in Oxford, brought up in Leeds - WhyTF would she support us? Tory Glory Hunter!
  6. Had that a Molineux too - all the way home on a freezing January evening with the back window of the coach smashed out!
  7. Me too Tilly - if it's anything like the Birmingham game it's well worth getting the moths out of the wallet for. BTW how you doing in the Super 6?
  8. I think the last time I sat down was 2010!!! If I don't stand up, I don't see the game! The only time I get to sit down is at half-time.
  9. Worked for me OK last season - had to miss two games (Leeds and Watford) and my seat sold for every match. Got the refund back really quickly. Far better than the old system.
  10. Yes, I thought that - the black 'away' kit was brilliant but for some reason we played more in the horrible coral attire - really loathed that!
  11. Given that she comes from Leeds I doubt either of those scenarios. "We all hate Leeds sc.......
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