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  1. More importantly, when we play the home game in April!!!!
  2. Anyway, in line with this thread I will definitely not be sitting on the fence and will proudly be wearing my badge this coming Saturday!
  3. Very much like 'Tango' the Sheffield Wednesday guy....also a decent chap
  4. Can't even think of their own songs... have to copy a Man City one....Binners....who'd have em eh?
  5. I'm with you on this. I've had a season ticket since 1979 and would not consider getting rid of it until I am no longer capable of getting my sorry a**e down to Carrow Road. However, that's the sort of devotion S & J are banking on. Once anyone in the management team starts criticising fans then they have lost it with me so I feel totally within my rights to be a 'whinger' or 'moaner' if I deem it reasonable. I'm no name caller but I'm deeply concerned about the path we are currently travelling on.
  6. Can't stand Carlisle - I remember playing them back in the 80's in a League Cup match and one of their 'hard' supporters stole a scarf off a young female Norwich fan.... hated them ever since. Found it highly amusing when their pitch flooded!
  7. Millwall 1970's/80's v Chelsea 2020's - I'd pay to watch that
  8. A hanky - haven't had one of those in years and not a clue where you'd buy one - maybe secondhand off ebay?
  9. Just like Mike Walker did when he came back!!!
  10. I was in the Lower Barclay and it was definitely the decision to take Idah off that was being booed. In Idah's defence last night he was getting absolutely no service. As for Hwang - standing in an offside position then complaining that he didn't get the pass sums him up as far as I am concerned!
  11. Totally pointless bit of policing - no logic to it at all!
  12. Will have a look in the loft - I used to co-edit NMTD and contribute to The Citizen so will see if I have anything you need. BTW wasn't it 'Liverpool Are On The Telly Again' not Man Utd???
  13. Did you take your policing style from the TV series 'Life on Mars'?............ just a thought
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