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  1. This is the most sensible and constructive post on this board.
  2. Have they got really steep hils in Ipswich, or did someone really film that sideways on?   Does he need that bull-horn because there''s so few people (people?) in Portaloo Road that no-one would hear him otherwise?   You''re right, it is a really quiet night!
  3. Anyone heard if it came through before lunchtime today, so he can be included for Hull?
  4. Keep it going - this thread is already 50 pages behind the Quagliarella thread, so it needs to pull it''s socks up!
  5. And given that Elmander has denied even having a Twitter account, with the amount of posts on here telling us what he''d said on Twitter, it shows that it''s not a medium to be trusted (come to think of it, I''d probably have more trust in what a Medium said - anyone got a Ouija board?)
  6. Just seen him - but he wasn''t there long enough to get a glimpse of the garden
  7. Is Joe Hart still on the pitch, or has he nipped out for a pint?
  8. If people are saying that Redmond hangs on to the ball too long, just wait till you see the Murphys!!!
  9. But you''re wrong, norfolkbroadslim, it IS tough on Man U - they have to play US twice!!
  10. For all BT''s boasting that BT Sport is free if you have BT broadband, it''s limited to one Sky box. If you want to use it on two boxes under Sky''s multi-room contract, you have to pay another £12 a month. They don''t mention that when they sign you up. I''m so hacked off with them that I''m going to switch my landline, broadband and TV deal completely to Sky.
  11. Unless, of course, he had some nepotistic help - but that couldn''t happen, could it, refjezdavies???
  12. For me, it''s a toss-up between Hucks, Eadie, Bobby Brennan, Errol Crossan, Bill Punton, and Jimmy Neighbour, but I guess I''m just showing my age. Oh, and I almost forgot (age again), Mark Barham.
  13. From the way I read the bunpf, to upgrade the ticket (if you need to) all you have to do is ring the ticket office and pay the upgrade price. Since it''s a computerised system, it should allow that member number to be amended to a suitable category for just that one match. The new tickets are perpetual, you keep the same one from one season to the next (unless of course, you decide not to renew, in which case they just cancel the member number). Whatever, because it''s a new, computerised system, I''m getting there earlier than normal on Saturday.
  14. YankeeCanary, yes, there is no need for the title (of any sort) if you use "Esq." Of course, if the person is a "Sir" or a "Lord" or other such title, you wouldn''t use "Esq" anyway.
  15. Well, if you want one of his "howlers", try the Grant Holt sending off at Reading, when we were 3-0 up and cruising, just before half-time. Reading came to get an undeserved draw. Young Oliver got fast-tracked as a referee to the Elite list (and I wouldn''t for one moment suggest it was because his father was a senior referee on the referees committee). He hasn''t got any better with time.
  16. Well, with Becchio getting concussed in the Under 21s today, we may need to consider one or other of the youngsters. If they''re good enough, they''re old enough!
  17. At least Grant Holt won''t be playing! (On a point of etiquette, Haisbrohacker, you don''t need the "Mr" if you''re going to use "Esq.")
  18. Thanks for that City 1st - brought back a few memories!! Tommy Bryceland, Phil Boyer, etc, not to mention the sight of Bill Punton''s bald head terrorising defenders!
  19. Yankee, both Monty Norman and Barry bridges were great, but don''t qualify - the OP said "can''t be before the 80s".
  20. Ok, football it is..................   I thought Fer looked really good on Tuesday, and I was happy with Redmond too. The rest of the squad (those who played) looked OK as well, and RVW showed some good touches and and a nice striker''s instinct to turn Fer''s header into the net. On balance, I''d probably start with Olsen at left back, and given that Fer is suspended, play Hoolihan behind RVW. Is that football enough foryou?
  21. My grandchildrens'' tickets arrived this morning, but not mine & the missus (boss) or my son''s, so I guess they''re sending them out by age groups.
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