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  1. Afternoon, I dont post very often but often read what everyones saying.  I use my real name and Ive been a Norwich fan since I can remember.  Come from Lynn but been living in France for a year.  Im gonna be a fourth year at Leeds Uni next year so will be able to go to more games.  Been educating the frenchies on norwich and how to hate the scum!!
  2. If we look at the chance in games that we create, then often we do play good football and deserve more than we have had.  Just look at West Brom, when your luck changes the goals start flying in.  In my opinion this is the best Nowich side Ive seen for a long time, and the future is bright with the emergange of Shackle and the signing of Ashton.  Even if we do go down, we will easily win the 1st division next year. I remember Division1 mid table obscurity only 4 or 5 years ago, so to even be in the Prem is quality.  Im not too arsed even if we do go down, as we will bounce back.  But you never know, our next two games are easy Norwich wins so we might just stay up!!
  3. I agree mate, although the standard of refs overall is so poor.  I went to Pompey on sat and the ref was awful.  No complaints with the sending off, but disallowing Hucks goal, not giving Yakubu a second yellow for blatant diving, and the softest penalty ever left me feeling cheated.  Hopefully, luck will go our way soon but it never seems to, take today for example!!  With a bit more luck with our finishing and some better refs, im confident that we are capable of staying in this league, as ive been impressed with the lads.  Wouldnt say no to a nice FA Cup run either, even though the squad is a bit depleted.  Come on boys
  4. I agree mate, well pleased with how things are panning out.  Its never boring being a Norwich fan!  I think that we have the ability and management to stay in this league, and with a mainly British squad as well.  Im happy to enjoy the experience of being in the Prem, and going to grounds like St James and Stamford Bridge, and when we stay up it will be a bonus, especially as I had a bet with an everton fan that we wont be relegated!!  I''ll be at Chelsea on sat and feel we might nick something, and if not ill just get hammered in the pub afterwards.  Come on City!!
  5. Apologies for the inbred remark, its opened my eyes as with norwich fans in suffolk, they cant all be bad!  At least your supporting the right side of Anglia, and i''ll leave the inbred jokes to those ipswich fans whether they live in suffolk or..... No, they havent any fans elsewhere!!
  6. I am confident that the sc*m will not last the pace but its still a shame that the dirty side of Anglia is near the top of any league,even if it is the one BELOW OURS! Hopefully we will have the opportunity to batter them in the cup at some point this season. On another bright note for the City faithful, I am working in France this year and therefore feel that I have a duty to educate the French football fans on how everyone hates the blue and white of Ipswich, and what an inbred part of the world it is.  They also know that City are Premiership class, but just need a bit more luck in front of goal. On the ball city!
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