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  1. You would want to include LDC in there to he would bore the crap out of the opposition
  2. If we twist the OP slightly which 2 pinkun posters would you send as well?
  3. It was a ball ache parking at the ground in January this year anyone know a good place to park for a swift exit after the game?
  4. There is the remote possibility that someone will hit a cross it will hit him on the Arsenal and cross the line
  5. Am staying over on Saturday night Staying in Gosport, but spending the evening in Gun Wharf in Southampton it is a great night out!
  6. He needs to move on we need him to move on a move is best for all concerned
  7. A hard working striker who can''t score goals. Do you honestly think this is what we need??!!!!??!!!?
  8. [quote user="YankeeCanary"]Lakey, give it a rest. There is nobody ( that''s not one single person ) on this forum who has a bigger ego than you do. I have a feeling that even if you fart you think that''s worthy of starting a thread. It isn''t.[/quote] Spot on I don''t know why he doesn''t give us all a break and move on
  9. My less than scientific approach is we have 20 points at th half way stage we will get 40 based on this and job is a good in Teams can tinker with their squads etc and a fair few down the bottom have changed manger so the dye is cast Think we will be fine as I think 38 will be what is needed to stay up
  10. I would look decent in that villa side no thanks to any of them
  11. Take the hint LDC you are friendless on this board time to give it up
  12. The common denominator is always LDC never attends a game but forces his opinions on others . You do wonder why he bothers
  13. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Captain Canary"]What a chant what a man what a win[/quote]What a plonker. [/quote] At the game today of course you weren''t silly me
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