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  1. If you speak to Herman he will have details of an illegal stream you can watch the game on
  2. There are signs coming out the club that they have awoken to the fact we are in the relegation mix Delia is getting desperate and you can tell as they are falling back on tried and tested tactics It would appear that at the Spurs game we are all going to be given a free flag. By all of us waving if furiously it will make up for Russell Martins defensive frailties I warn you all now pups we are only 1 stage away now from the dreaded clappers. You have been warned!
  3. Like a shot I would have him back like a shot even if it was just as a coach
  4. No excuse for a total sell out we may even see Herman at a game
  5. He doesn''t add anything we don''t already have would like us to show some ambition and go for Remy on loan
  6. Our defence struggled in the championship what money we have should be spent on another centre back or we are going to hell in a hand cart Hell I tell you
  7. No no no Neil is doing a marvellous job with limited resources Keep up the good work I tell you!
  8. Wise words Therford you are truly an inspiration to all right minded Canaries
  9. Far to many Scots associated with the club as it is in my opinion
  10. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]So is that Naismith and Gayle coming in then? Given that he doesn''t seem to fancy Hooper and Lafferty, I can''t see him letting Grabban go without a plan.[/quote] A plan they may have but can they execute it!
  11. Good deal for a below average premier league player can''t complain at that deal
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