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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="dibbler"]Nothing like a good moan when its called for. And for the record, I am and have been a long term season ticket holder who goes to these games. [/quote] It must be a joy to sit near you. [/quote] You should try sitting next to me in the river end upper, even there I get stick for moaning and that is saying something!    
  2. I think the biggest issue we have are the happy clappers who are grateful for the mediocrity our Board serve up We see other clubs get promoted and flourish but our board are wholly incapable on delivering No one is asking for champions league qualification but regular mid table finishes should be achievable
  3. Just shows if you have competent ambitious owners what can be achieved
  4. We are in the relegation zone playing poor football he has to go and immediately
  5. Having considered the comments on this thread taking into account the Alton towers comments and his arguments on Twitter. Couple this with his poor form we must get shot of this liability in January Dec is the future long live the Dec He is one of our own you now!
  6. LDC if you attended the occasional game people may take you seriously but as you don''t people won''t
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