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  1. The guru has spoken 37/38 points it is. Thanks Ricardo
  2. I am assuming that if it is the nativity that the Messiah will make an appearance?
  3. Dead what about Watford, first half Everton all the game against Newcastle and so on and so on
  4. I think it is time for Ricardo to give us his view on the points requirement
  5. With the complete breakdown re the discipline of the players you have to think are they playing for the manager Whether it is grabban going awol, ruddy doing his Rocky impression or lafferty going to the press about how unhappy he is with his situation it clearly isn''t a happy dressing room. This and the results means only a change can save us now and with such a wealth of suitable candidates why wouldn''t we?
  6. Many posters are missing the point No matter how much provocation he had or not he is a representative of the club 24 hours if he can''t control his temper then he shouldn''t go out in tombland It is negative publicity that the club doesn''t need
  7. Good post I just don''t think he has the experience or the talent to keep us up
  8. PS I am looking forward to seeing the happy clappers like Herman justify this one!
  9. Not a great example to set for our young fans he should be subject to full club discipline There is also a criminal law element to the case he could and should also face investigation for common assault. As a professional footballer why was he out on the lash anyway at this time. You would think all his energies would be in getting back in form and back in the team rather than doing his impression of a budget Rocky film
  10. Interesting, the tidal wave of fans wanting the Messiah back looks unstoppable
  11. There under 18s would be to strong for our lot
  12. Needs to be a complete clear out owners CEO and Manager
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