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  1. Ah, right. Yeah ... Cantwell. All makes sense now!
  2. I make that only 6 home grown players - Krul, Aarons, Lewis, Marshall, Godfrey and Rhodes. Have I misunderstood the rules?
  3. Really pleased for Srbeny. Pukki won an important header just inside our half to keep the ball in play that finds Srbeny. Great run past a couple of challenges and just before the ball to Onel, Morrison, I think, the Brum right back, goes down having ran into Rhodes. Loved Onel''s reaction - just made a beeline for the unassuming Srbeny after the goal.
  4. You''re not excited by the race for 12th spot? I must admit, you do have a point.
  5. I am really sorry. I didn''t mean to cause any offence. I made my earlier comment merely to draw attention to the YouTube guy''s cool name, which he shares with a very famous American Educational Psychologist / Writer (quite surreal to hear an Ipswich fan sitting in his car introducing himself as Benjamin Bloom). I didn''t give it a second''s thought after posting. Of course, Ricardo''s match and AGM reports are also excellent, and a big part of this forum. Please accept my apologies, Ricardo. In future, I will be more careful before posting throw-away comments.
  6. Have to agree. An excellent report from ... Benjamin Bloom no less on YouTube
  7. I have watched far more of the series than I had any intention of doing. It''s been pretty enthralling on the field, right from the 1st test when SA made a credible go at the 4th innings target. The sandpaper moment happened at a critical moment. 4 match series, 1-1, SA building a sizeable lead in 3rd innings of the 3rd match, their best batsman (by a mile) at the crease, series slipping away from the Aussies, desperate not to fall further behind in the test rankings. They had to make a move, and to accelerate the introduction of reverse swing, which had bought about SA''s first innings collapse, was it. It was a desperate, illegal move which backfired monumentally! I suppose there wasn''t a joint presser as they all went back to different parts of Australia. We also don''t know the depth of the fall out between Warner and the others. How on earth do they behave when they go for their blood tests, Crabby? I mean it can''t take long. Surely easy enough to be civil and polite?
  8. Have to agree GJP and Woodman. I think it''s wishful thinking to imagine him coming back on loan. He''ll be 22 before the year is out. Look at the dozens his age and younger currently establishing themselves in the top flight. He''s only a few months younger than Dele Alli. If he went to one of the big six and subsequently out on loan, it''ll be to a lower PL team, just like Kasey Palmer, Loftus Cheek, etc. who have been loaned out from likes of Chelsea. He obviously loves being here, but for his own ambitions, he surely has to take the next step asap. He''s ready for top flight football. It''ll surely be to one of the top 6 or one of the few sides you would currently class as safe mid-table, like Leicester / Everton.
  9. Eadie, other than having floppy locks at the time, doesn''t fit the description of player B in the article - a new signing. He came through the youth system, as did Mills (A), a couple of years later. Player A was already here when player B signed.
  10. We won at OT in 1989/90, so there''s still hope MP. You might want to check your arithmetic, though. There''s another 9 years between 1986 and 2015.
  11. If the season started at Christmas, we''d be comfortably in the play-offs, and maybe a tad disappointed not to be nearer the top 2. 5 wins 5 draws and 1 defeat in 11 since Brentford (H). 20 points from 11. We have made ground on all the teams above us up to 6th, except for Millwall, who have come from below. Last year, with a record of 47 points from 34 games, there would have been no chance of 6th place. This season is a bit different. 6th place last year was worth 80 points; this season, as things stand, around 74-75. Teams just above us, like Preston and ''Boro, have maintained virtually the same form throughout the season. ''Boro, for instance, have taken 17 points from the last 11, which is exactly the same as their record over the whole season (17 / 11 x 34 = their current points total for the whole season). If we''ve managed to take 20 from 11, I can''t see any reason why are form should drop off. The January signings are settling, and most importantly, the new regime has had more time. Many on here, at the start of the season, expected things to be slow to start with and to pick up in the 2nd half of the season, and that seems to be precisely what''s happening. I can see us getting around 23 points from the remaining 12, leaving us on 70 points, and agonisingly close to 6th. Probably Sheff. U or ''Boro will take the last spot, but we are still an outside bet, in my book, if we manage a winning streak in March. Big ''IF'', sure. Let''s not forget 1982. we had 37 points from 28 games, exactly the same record as we had after Sheff U at home this season, and were languishing around 12th / 13th. We ended up 3rd!
  12. Basically, I feel we just need to improve the execution the system that we have been playing. It needs the creative players like Leitner, Madison (when he comes deeper), etc to draw the opposition''s defensive midfielders out of position and exploit the space. We seem to be getting better at it, playing better passes and creating options and space for the likes of Reed. I''ve been quite impressed by some of his runs, while playing at right back. He gets into the middle, not just the flanks. There seems greater options in recent weeks. I think the January signings of Leitner and Hernandez could prove inspired in the final couple of months. We''re still slow and safe at times. Not always sure that Klose is such a great option joining the midfield. OK, he is very useful in the box, and for the odd cross from the left but think he''s not quick thinking enough in his passing and decision making to add much when we are trying to break teams down. Certainly at times in matches, we are playing fairly safe passes that have been easy to defend. However, there are some promising signs. Consequently, NO has been more prominent recently.
  13. Couldn''t call it to save my life. First, it seemed Bournmouth''s time was up. Now look where they are. Swansea looked no hopers, now they"ve improved. Whoever is in the bottom 3 at the time are my choice to go down. My predictions change on a weekly basis. WBA seem to be the only constant. Not expecting things to get any better for them against Chelsea. Maybe i will be wrong again.
  14. A factor that would have contibuted to Wes not being in the squad for the middlesbro game is that he isn''t ''homegrown''. Essentially, he is now battling it out for one of the 11 places that can be given for non homegrown players. The 7 ''home'' players virtually pick themselves as there are so few fit. Farke couldnt have swapped Watkins for Wes last week because we would then have been down to just six ''homegrown'' players in the matchday squad. Wes, when he comes in, will basically be replacing a ''foreign'' player in the squad. I still think Wes has another season in him at a top half championship side. Think there''ll be plenty of interst in the summer.
  15. I personally could quite easily accept this season of transition if it wasn''t for the stark change in circumstances looming later this year. In an attempt to cheer everyone up, here is the league table from 8th March 1981. We were 13th, 9 points off 6th. 14 games to go (out of 42). Note the games in hand of some of the clubs around us, too. The distribution of points is similar to this season, although 6th place this season is likely to be 1 or 2 points higher over the whole season (projection based on 46 games 73-74 back in 1982 versus 75-76 for the present season), and 3rd place, where we eventually ended up after gaining 34 points from the last 14, was still way off 2nd. I''m not saying we''ll go on an amazing run in the second half of this season, but there are a few things that make me feel optimistic that we''ll make up some ground in the table. Farke, webber and squad have had time to settle, injured players returning, and teams like Leeds, Boro, Sheff U all being quite inconsistent, and Derby just a bit lucky. Whoever gets into the lower reaches of the play-offs will undoubtedly have had plenty of disappointing spells during the season. https://www.11v11.com/teams/norwich-city/tab/leagueTables/08-march-1982/ I''m aware that there were many seasons between 1995 - 2009, when we were also low-mid table and never challenged for the play-offs, but their existence always gives (invariably false) hope to teams in the middle, up until early March at least. In this window, I would love to see a loan in of a defensive midfielder, box to box mf, and a replacement for Jerome if he leaves. I won''t be as dogmatic as Ricardo, but I''ll be surprised if we finished lower than we are now, despite the performances on Saturday and against Brentford. On an aside, really disappointed in Husband on Saturday. I know he''s a left back, but after taking a touch, after his run into the area, he should have been looking to bring the ball onto his right and shoot. Lacked confidence to instinctively take it on his right. A right-footed player would have been looking to shoot across goal / bend inside far post. Will be watching how he plays with his right from now on. https://www.11v11.com/teams/norwich-city/tab/leagueTables/08-march-1982/
  16. Splendid Rush, have you refreshed page? Maybe you logged in before 14:30, and the page hasn''t updated.
  17. same problem and no response from their support chat. At least, the Murphy goal has cheered me up
  18. I mean "What WERE all the issues ..." Lessingham?
  19. So what are all the issues that needed resolving, then, that led you to state "Don''t expect to see him back anytime soon"?
  20. Sorry, I was taught to use capitals at the beginning of a sentence. It seems my phone won''t auto correct So I have to do myself.
  21. The guy must have gone through some pretty low times. if I was injured for just a few weeks, at his age, and could not participate in the sports I loved, I felt pretty miserable and frustrated, to be honest. 2 seasons for a professional sports person must be hell. I am sure he has had to reevaluate many things about the way his career is likely to turn out too. sure we can all be jealous about his salary, but I would imagine the injuries are the very last thing he would have wished for himself.
  22. Man city also. made 2 substitutions in ET, after making 2 in normal time. interestingly, Wolves bought on, their 3rd substitute, at the beginning of extra time. (as opposed to rush the 3rd substitution through during normal time,) suggesting they also knew they still had the option of a further substitution up their sleeve if needed. "An additional substitution" then has to taken to mean ''an additional'' to the max of 3 rather than "an addional" to those already made.
  23. hahaha tettey''s jig. The amount of injuries is a real concern. struggling for numbers on the bench, and that includes 2 cbs (hanley and Franke) and 2 not quite ready (Nelson and stiepermann). there will be at least a couple of call ups from the u23s, I would have thought. Expecting to see Adam Phillips today. Without tettey, Godfrey for the squad would have been a great option, although his loan spell is doing him a world of good, it seems, and should benefit us, one way or the other, longer term.
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