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  1. When one witnesses such a pitiful performance as that above (off the back of such a Brownian socialist budget) one realises that Sir Nigel of Farage and the Reform Party with the right presentation could easily soak up a sizeable number of Parliamentary seats in 2024
  2. Well, one thing's certain, masks or no masks, social distancing or no social distancing, Sleepy will never garner large audiences of similar support. They'll get rid of sleepy using the 25th pretty soon and fake Kamala will prove just as useless... The majority of Americans simply didn't vote for them.
  3. Nay, that would render me a far-left socialist like yourself you emasculated weed. You know that Trump won that election and you know that he tells it as it is -- You just can't bring yourself to admit it because your mind & soul have been taken over by every vile lefty trait in the book -- You lie, you censore, you cancel and you condemn anything that opposes your filthy and failed ideology -- You and your ilk with the aforementioned traits are the very definition of Nazism
  4. The legitimate President of the United States speaks:
  5. https://rumble.com/ve7cjz-ignored-by-media-joe-biden-is-completely-lost-in-texas-even-with-handler-ne.html
  6. 'Are we a better team than 2 years ago?' Yay and nay... 'We are just doing what we did before but are doing it better than before' ~ lake district canary
  7. Latest pic from Mars: Can't blame 'em, who would want to come to racist, Brexit Britain?
  8. You're correct on two points there, Van Winkerton --- Labour long forgot the working class and Biden didn't win the US election legally.. The US have also said FU to the working class and it'll come back to bite them on the ****.
  9. Name them, Purple -- Name the credible politicians within Labour, Lib-Dum and the Green Parties who would lead that fully fledged coalition?
  10. Looks like the majority of Brexiteers have been jabbed... Pull up the drawbridge!
  11. “The City in a post-Brexit world - Is this its greatest opportunity in decades?” New: ‘The CityUnited Project’ campaign group and think-tank launches today City professionals, senior politicians, and finance specialists have today responded to the recent challenges laid down by the EU in the new post-Brexit world. Brexit Facts4EU.Org is pleased to announce the launch of The CityUnited Project, a practitioner-led initiative setting out a vision of a world-leading and prosperous UK financial services industry, setting global regulatory standards in partnership with other major financial centres and in contrast to the increasingly protectionist EU financial services markets. Who is behind this? Facts4EU.Org has been integrally involved in the set-up and launch of this new think-tank and campaigning group and our Editor is its Vice Chairman. Supported by leading politicians, Sir Bernard Jenkin MP, David Jones MP, Lord (Norman) Lamont, Lord (Daniel) Hannan, and Anne-Marie Morris MP, it speaks positively and authoritatively for the industry’s future opportunities and rebuts the current round of negative and under-informed stories about EU share trading and loss of access (due to lack of “equivalence”) to EU markets. The CityUnited Project's Political Advisory Board: Sir Bernard Jenkin MP (Chair), David Jones MP, Lord (Norman) Lamont, Lord (Daniel) Hannan, and Anne-Marie Morris MP The group will build on and promote the City’s outstanding track record of product development and innovation, particularly in Fintech. It also seeks to show how the industry can enhance employment in the City and in regions and financial centres such as Belfast and Edinburgh and throughout the Union. ‘The CityUnited Project’ says that the Government must now accept that the EU has in effect denied normal cooperation with the City and its associated financial services, which represents one of the powerhouse engines relied on by the Eurozone itself, as well as by the wider European economy. Together the new group is responding with initiatives, policies, and recommendations for the Government. Part of its aim is to combat and negate the EU’s actions. It will also be promoting bold new initiatives to exploit the UK’s expertise in financial services and to re-set the agenda for global financial services. “A global City and UK financial services industry, serving the world” The CityUnited Project’s Chairman, Professor Daniel Hodson, commented: Facts4EU.Org's managing editor and co-vice chairman of the CityUnited Project, put matters into a wider context:
  12. The simple truth is Farke and the coaches don't do the diabolical defensive zonal marking to the extent we did in the Premier last season -- So yes, they have changed things tactically despite yours & hoegsar's amateur analysis... 'we are just doing what we did before but are doing it better than before' Good Lordy
  13. Man marking and and zonal marking are two different concepts of the game, hoegsar.. Have you ever played football or are you just a spectator?
  14. We don't do the diabolical defensive zonal marking to the extent we did in the Premier last season --- Go watch the first game of last season against Liverpool -- Anyone with a modicum of football knowledge knew we'd struggle to stay up after that initial match. There's barely a hint of that extent of defensive zonal marking this season and thank f*ck for that... Farke will have learned a lesson and we will remain in the Premier next season minus the zonal marking b0ll0cks
  15. Nay, he gifted me the Pullman Bonds that are still in the bank mind
  16. BMW celebrates 20 years of UK production at Hams Hall factory | MTDMFG Despite Brexit
  17. Here you go, you massive : EU TRADE ALREADY BACK TO 90% Despite hysterical claims from some left-wing newspapers that EU exports had dropped by 68% in January, Dover Ports have announced that trade has already bounced back to 90% of volumes typical for this time of year. And that is despite the requirement for hauliers to have a negative Covid test. In reality, the 68% drop in January was a combination of Covid restrictions, cautious stockpiling before the 31st in case of No Deal, and learning new systems. The further from January 1st things have moved, the more trade flows have been returning to normal. A statement from Dover Port today announced that: Guido is sure the Guardian will inform its readers with a new good news splash tomorrow morning… Think before you link, Tango.
  18. Excellent, well done Are you testing to see that the vaccination hasn't affected your IQ?
  19. She's done a sterling job in achieving a successful vaccine program as a venture capitalist and I believe her when she states that she doesn't really understand politics. Anybody who is savvy concerning the political machinations of the EU, knows being in the EU would've put constraints on the vaccine program.
  20. How about the thousands of BAME folk refusing the vaccine, KiO? Are you as equally unsympathetic toward them?
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