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  1. Nobody ever stated that £350 million as a total sum per week would go to the NHS... Could, not would.
  2. My staff are not underpaid, coco And they're certainly not 'underpayed', you illiterate loafer.. Doesn't 'alf stick in one's craw the fact that the taxpayer is having to pay your student loans down and you can't even spell 'underpaid' correctly. Can't you at least get a menial job?
  3. Allow me to correct your very first sentence there above:
  4. Aye, HIWEM, I never agreed with the lockdowns which were only implemented to 'protect' the failing NHS. Lord knows how the Labour Party would've handled the pandemic, they've never said They would've likely locked the country down completely until the GE
  5. Aye, excluding San Marino and Gibraltar, UK covid deaths are the second highest in the world per million Doesn't look like the lockdowns to help the NHS have worked very well does it, coco? The nightingale hospitals never got used
  6. The NHS wouldn't exist without the private sector, coco
  7. Nurses chose the jobs that they wanted to do, why should they be any different from other professions? If a person is busy in their work, it's part of the job -- As a chef thought-out the seventies & eighties I did 13 hour shifts 7 days a week -- It was hard, but one didn't instantly get a pay rise - One had to work ones way up. Nursing is quite well paid these days, but nowhere near as well paid as the 'Diversity and Inclusion' Managers. Do we really need to pay £72k salaries to people whose growing departments like to do polls and graphs and remind everyone not to be beastly to the minorities? Nay, we don't -- Address and get rid of the high paying non-jobs in the NHS in the first instance before increasing wages elsewhere.
  8. Ah, as I suspected, a wind up... Within this thread you've expressed you want a commute to London and in the same breath you no longer want to work in the capital as it's a sh@thole.. Seems you're quite content to continue receiving the furlough payments we in the private sector are providing mind... Stay put where you are mate --- Cromer doesn't need anymore non contributors
  9. Nay, he's never come close to selling out his principles for the trappings of wealth and pecuniary rewards as others in the political field do. A certain Lefty billionaire hero of yours still owes every British person a couple of hundred quid for shortening our currency mind.. And we all want interest
  10. God bless, Sir Nigel of Farage -- He achieved what he set out to do -- Can't think of many politicians who can boast that... We Brexiteers owe him a huge debt and I wish him good luck and Godspeed on his next venture, which includes the fight against the educational indoctrination of our kids in schools & universities -- As always a very worthy cause.
  11. You have a home in Cromer and you're looking to relocate to somewhere nice in Norfolk? Is this a windup?
  12. Same here. I will be voting for the Reform Party
  13. There would be no vaccine without tax-payers.
  14. Boris the socialist is currently 13pts up on Sir W@nk Kier & Labour
  15. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-8798/ It isn't the National Health Service though is it -- It's the International Health Service. How many more billions do you think should be thrown at it? The NHS is failing despite those billions and it needs serious reform as it hasn't been fit for purpose for years -- The Covid pandemic has proven the former to be the case beyond question. Have you ever asked yourself why no other country has copied the NHS? It worked when the UK had a smaller population and more NI paying contributors -- The NHS is not sustainable - Not enough users putting into the pot.
  16. He wouldn't have imposed the tariff on an independent Britain... Trumpski despised the EU.
  17. Yes, it would have. Obviously.
  18. What is it you're trying to achieve by constantly calling people who disagree with your politics racist?
  19. Great news for you this year, Herminge: https://www.hortweek.com/hw-survey-garden-centres-growers-expect-bounceback-2021/retail/article/1708363
  20. Here, don't say I never try to help: https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/career-planning/473996-help-im-struggling-to-find-a-job-after-graduation
  21. Businesses are going bust because of Covid lockdowns, Coco.. We are in a much better place than those in the EU to rebuild It would be good if you played a part in Britain's revival instead of whining on here 24/7 -- Get a job and pay taxes, ffs.
  22. Aye, the vile EU is happy to block contractual agreements and risk hundreds of thousands of lives And the hypocritical Remainiacs are likely okay with that.
  23. He's still crying over the referendum result. He should try to get over it before it affects his mental health. Oh wait...
  24. BREXIT WIN: US LIFTS TARIFFS ON UK SCOTCH, MACHINERY, CHEESE, AND PORK The US has suspended its UK tariffs as of today on goods from scotch whiskies, machinery, cashmere, and yes – cheese and pork. The suspension will last for four months, during which time the sides will negotiate a long term solution to the US-EU Boeing Airbus dispute. This is exclusively a US-UK deal, US tariffs remain on EU goods… Trade Secretary Liz Truss took a risk by unilaterally lifting UK tariffs to the US – which opposition parties heavily criticised her for – now the move has paid off. Guido understands that it was only as a consequence of good faith lifting UK tariffs that the US came to the negotiating table and lifted theirs too. Meanwhile the EU has sat on their hands and tariffs still apply to them… Clearly this sort of deal would be impossible as a member of the EU, trapped behind its common external tariff and sluggish commissioners. Read the Brexit-enabled UK-US joint statement here… But didn't Obummer and you Remainiacs say we'd be back of the queue?
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