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  1. We export essential ingredient's for the EU's vaccines, CK, but unlike the EU we won't threaten to place an embargo on supplies, hence, there will be enough for second jabs
  2. Since March last year, two residents out of 80 in three homes have died from heart disease, VW.
  3. Oh dear... It gets worse
  4. Been getting numerous false positives for months in my homes -- Mainly staff.
  5. Well you Remainiacs certainly spread rumours around town..
  6. The EU had full knowledge that 11 million Brits had already received a dose of AstraZeneca with no sign of excess deaths or blood clots occurring... Such is the EU's hatred for Brexit Britain. 118 states exempted worldwide from the EU's vaccine export ban and the UK isn't one of them... Such is the EU's hatred for Brexit Britain. Has nobody told Ursula that essential ingredients for the EU's vaccines are produced in and exported to the EU from Brexit Britain? And you ask whether the EU were wise to suspend AstraZeneca
  7. The younger Remainiacs will be too busy in colleges doing slam poetry and/or attending fat pride rallies to be in the pubski
  8. The EU has smeared the AstraZeneca vaccine with false claims of blood clotting and low efficacy and the EU has threatened export controls blaming AstraZeneca for their shortfall in vaccine supply… Are you grown up enough to admit it's the EU, not the UK, that has been petty and is at fault here?
  9. It's an established fact that you and your fellow Lefty, Remainiacs here at the Pink'Un are anti-English ers, but defending the EU's baseless criticism of AstraZeneca and the increasing numbers of deaths in mainland Europe caused by it is astoundingly stupid of you.
  10. It's even funnier from a side view:
  11. Oh dear, immigration fail, higher taxes, thousands of key jobs lost and now China talks fail because Sleepy is obviously compromised... Even the minority who voted for the cheating Dems are missing Trumpski.
  12. Sleepy and the Demonprats doin' a stirling job thus far:
  13. Blimey! The President Trumpski thread still top of the non-football forum... Not living in your heads rent-free much is he!
  14. 'The horrific reality of Brexit explained very clearly by a UK cheese producer.'
  15. The value of goods exported from the UK to the EU fell by £5.6bn in January 2021, Grandpapa, but that isn't really negative news for us when one considers imports from the EU dropped by £6.6bn... Looks like a win for the UK to me.. Maybe, just maybe, the EU should cease trying to punish the UK for the good of all concerned in Europe.
  16. Can't think of a single politician that hasn't lied at some point, but it certainly isn't a fact that Bojo is racist and it's incredibly stupid to believe he is -- Taking the P and quipping about someone's headgear hardly makes someone a racist and there lies the problem with PC Lefties like Rish and The Mash Report -- Diane Abbott has stated that "white people love playing 'divide and rule'" and "West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children", yet Rish or any other Lefty so-called comedian or commentator has never called her a liar or a racist. Lefty double standards will not tarnish GB News
  17. Could be that the new BBC director rightly believes the general public shouldn't pay for Lefty propaganda via the license fee Also, Rish and the The Mash Report aren't funny.
  18. Getting that way, Grandpapa.. Last month the Huffington Post was taken over by Buzzfeed, another Lefty money-losing website which is currently cutting staff and closing divisions worldwide - and today we learn the BBC is dumping the Mash Report There's clearly no market for the Woke Your sources for info and 'facts' are closing down, Lefties Never mind, you've still got your Guardian which saw a drop of £25m in revenue and 180 job losses last year
  19. You great lummox If wit was sh*t you'd be constipated..
  20. Have had a total of 15 false positive tests, including one on myself, within my homes...
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