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  1. People will find the following facts regarding trade from yesterday much more intriguing than a completely useless Times article from Thursday March 23 2017 EXCLUSIVE - Boris gets reluctant Valentine's present from the EU EU finally shows how badly it needs UK’s business, revealing 2019 figures Latest EU trade figures for 2019 show the UK separately for the first time Another exclusive, shocking report from the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team Yesterday the EU released its latest trade figures (for 2019) showing the UK as a non-EU country for the first time. For the past four years Brexit Facts4EU.Org has been painstakingly extracting UK data from the EU’s global comparisons in order to show information like this. Now we have the EU’s own admissions on trade for the very first time © EU Commission Feb 2020 These new EU trade figures give a huge Brexit boost to Boris’s tough trade stance The new figures were released yesterday by the EU’s official statistics agency, Eurostat. As usual with anything which might be helpful to the Brexit cause, they came out on a Friday afternoon in Brussels and have gone unreported by the BBC Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary The EU’s reluctant Valentine’s gift to Boris EU27 goods trade figures for 2019 show UK as massive customer, second only to USA Total EU27 goods exports to UK : €319bn This is 15% of global EU27 goods exports in 2019 It’s 61% more than the EU27 sold to China It’s 42% of the EU27’s entire sales to all non-EU European countries EU27 trade surpluses – the value of EU27 exports minus imports The EU27 earned a €125 billion trade surplus from the UK in 2019 That’s a staggering 62% of the EU27’s total global trade surplus in goods last year The EU27 made more from the UK than from the next five countries COMBINED It’s 7 TIMES MORE than the EU did with Canada, whose trade deal the EU talks about constantly Observations We know from the thousands of emails we have received over the past few years that many readers have been exasperated at the failure of organisations like the BBC – and indeed many Leave organisations – to present the simple facts about the EU27’s trade with the UK. For far too long the public has been left with the impression that the UK is ‘small beer’ for the EU, when it comes to doing business. Over the past four years we have published on this subject again and again, using simple facts to illustrate the economic power of the United Kingdom. Today, Saturday 15 February 2020, we can finally bring readers the definitive proof of what we have reported all along. Here, at long last, are the EU’s own figures for last year (2019) which show the UK as a ‘third country’. No longer can Remainers (or Rejoiners) accuse us of manipulating data which we extracted from thousands of officiaL EU spreadsheets and databases. The above data comes direct from the horse’s mouth, showing the UK as a separate country at long last. Clearly the UK was still a full member of the EU last year, but the EU have now separated out the UK from the EU27 when presenting the data. A great Valentine’s present from the EU to Boris Prime Minister, if you’re reading this, you are certainly entitled to chortle over your cornflakes this morning. Then please make our report required reading for all the Remainer civil servants who will continue to be involved in trade negotiations with the EU this year. Brexit was never about trade, it was about sovereignty, democracy, independence and freedom. Trade and economic benefits were always going to be an added bonus. We have always argued that the fanatical ideologues in the EU would never do a sensible deal with the UK and we haven’t changed our position over the past four years. Still, that doesn’t stop our information above being spread far and wide – thoughout the UK, the EU, and globally. [ Sources: EU Commission official statistics agency ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever. Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 15 Feb 2020
  2. Anyone with common-sense knew it was a storm in a teacup from the off... There will be plenty more In real and significant news the pound is at its highest level against the Euro since the end of June 2016
  3. Au contraire, Hermione --- The cull today says to me that Boris & Cummings have played a blinder and showed they seriously mean business with Brexit --- No more compromising and putting up with Civil Service cr@p and hindrance from elected and unelected Brexit blockers They were the worst ones.
  4. Are you being serious? Cummings clearing out the Common Purpose is hardly fascistic and Boris has liberal tendencies.. (Full Cabinet x22) Boris Johnson Rishi Sunak Priti Patel Dominic Raab Michael Gove Ben Wallace Robert Buckland Liz Truss Alok Sharma Matt Hancock Therese Coffey Grant Shapps Gavin Williamson George Eustice Brandon Lewis Robert Jenrick Alastair Jack Simon Hart Baroness Evans Oliver Dowden Anne Marie-Trevalyn Amanda Milling --------------------------------- (Junior ministers attending cabinet x4) Jacob Rees-Mogg Stephen Barclay Suella Braverman Mark Spencer Would you really call any of those above, fascist?
  5. Aye -- She's an extreme Brexiteer who is going to kick Lefty judges @rses into touch Long overdue.. Red Tory-Remainiac-tax pensions and mansions-Javid, forced to go Anybody who doesn't like this Cummings cull today must be a Lefty --- Hark at me stating the obvious
  6. I learned today that yesterday in Strasbourg, MEPs voted by 543 to 39 in favour of a motion which would destroy any hope of a reasonable EU-UK trade deal by the end of this year --- The EU Parliament voted to demand full UK subservience or no trade deal. https://facts4eu.org/news/2020_feb_eu_fanatics I also learned today that 2019 was a record-breaking year for British exports, with a 13.6 per cent increase in exports to non-EU countries on the year before, while the trade deficit with the EU has widened... https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/nationalaccounts/balanceofpayments/bulletins/uktrade/december2019#the-trade-in-goods-deficit-widened-with-eu-countries-but-narrowed-with-non-eu-countries-in-2019 So our trade deficit with the EU has widened -- Currently the EU faces an acrimonious summit over budget disputes -- The poorer countries are demanding richer states pay more to close gap caused by Brexit -- Diplomats are warning that EU efforts to clinch a budget deal this month risk being derailed by widening divisions between rival camps of member states -- Richer EU governments now face demands to stump up more money to fund new priorities such as climate change and avoid cuts to prized agricultural subsidies via catch-up spending for poorer regions etc etc.... And the EU Parliament demands full UK subservience or no trade deal?
  7. Superb. Fash's goal against Liverpool is the finest I've witnessed at Carrow Road.
  8. Now that the UK has regained its WTO seat after 47 years of being represented by the EU, I'd allow a bespoke deal with the latter, if only for the sake of my friends who are unfortunate enough to still be resident in EU countries.
  9. What a stupid thing to say -- That I voted to leave the EU and the Conservatives over the Brexit Party to prevent a Labour government doesn't mean I have to agree with all their decisions. I've been clear about wanting a no deal WTO Brexit from the off.
  10. Why is the EU offering the UK a worse trade deal than it signed with Japan or Canada? Sir Nigel of Farage was right to state that the EU is terrified of UK Being a competitor on their doorstep Alignment means maintaining EU regulations, which could hinder signing free trade agreements with other countries, Hermione... Here's hoping Boris et al. stick to their guns... The UK does not need a deal with the EU to trade with it
  11. Prior to von der Leyen's statement today, the EC has said that it is prepared to issue fines should a dispute panel overseeing any agreement deem the UK to be in breach of the yet-to-be-negotiated UK-EU trade deal -- EU member states are also seeking suspension of aspects of the deal that gives Britain certain access arrangements as other modes of punishment... You say the UK government is putting up obstructions?
  12. Now, who was it who said all along that we'd get a zero tariff and zero quota relationship for goods trade deal with the EU? Was it PurpleCanary? Nay! Was it KiO? Nay! How about Surfer? Nay! Billock? Nay! BigFish? Nay! TCCANARY? Nay! Creative Midfielder? Nay! Was it Hermione? Are you having a laugh? So was it Brexiteers who were right all along then? YAY!
  13. Well, yes, Hermo, it's certainly a fact that we're entangled in so much Brussels red tape and regulations that if we voted Leave it would take time to untangle and import controls were always going to be inevitable, but the 'Project Fear' diatribe of the government being paralysed, our economy destroyed, our children's futures ruined and World War III commencing were just a tad exaggerated, don't you think?
  14. 'Could the UK have created loads of free ports whilst it was a member'? No, it wouldn't have been worth it because in addition to preventing its member-states from striking bilateral trade agreements with third countries, the EU makes innovative trade-boosting initiatives such as free ports difficult to establish in any meaningful way, through its Customs Union and the imposition of a Common Commercial Policy, Common External Tariff, and regulations designed to prevent one member-state from becoming more competitive than another. Purple Haze ~ 'Why are they suddenly 'being proposed then'? Because Brussels also insisted that it was illegal for Britain to prepare for free ports before it actually left the EU... ... I wonder what they were/are so concerned about? Must be the competition
  15. I doubt you read it, Hermione, because if you had you would've seen the positives of these free ports greatly outweigh the negatives -- All policies/ideas come with pros & cons and the policies that pass are mostly the ones that have more advantages than disadvantages. Read the explainer yourself and you will see the major disadvantages lie solely with the EU, not the UK. https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/explainers/trade-freeports-free-zones
  16. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak has announced a ten week consultation to rapidly establish ten freeports across the UK, covering sea, air, and rail ports. The ports, once designated as free, will have no domestic taxes levied on any goods within them. Taxes will only be levied when a product leaves the freeport, and enters the rest of the UK… This has the effect of encouraging international business to come to the UK to process or store goods with little to no red tape, bringing jobs and investment in the mainly coastal communities that have been neglected during the UK’s membership of the EU. Ten are set to be designated by the end of the year. Industry leaders have already started lobbying for freeport status… A large North East ‘Virtual Freeport’: The Port of Tyne, along with the Port of Blyth, Nissan, the British Ports Association and the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, has been pushing for a large North East ‘virtual freeport’. CEO of Port of Tyne Matt Beeton said Government’s freeports consultation and commented: “A free trade zone targeted at growing the advanced manufacturing and renewable energy clusters would boost global trade across key North East locations – helping to secure existing supply chains and attracting many more in to the region from overseas. Freeports in London and Scotland: Chief Executive of the Forth Ports Group Charles Hammond said “Our network of international connections, streamlined customs systems and developable land close to key markets in the Central Belt of Scotland, Greater London and the South East mean our operations are ideal locations to support existing or fresh manufacturing and processing business opportunities.” An Atlantic freeport in Wales’ Haven Waterway: Andy Jones, Chief Executive of Wales’ largest port, Milford Haven said “A free trade zone covering the international businesses on the Haven Waterway will help them maintain competitiveness in a global marketplace. Our proposition will boost our unique engineering, fishing, marine renewable energy and oil and gas cluster for future generations.“ Of course none of the above has any relevance to the UK leaving the EU according to our political comedienne, Hermione
  17. And with that sentence you are proving to everyone here that you have completely lost your grip on reality. Please don't ever quit posting though -- Your contribution is hilariously entertaining
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