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  1. It''s a shame cuz I''d like to see him as a right back in the EPL
  2. Indeed, and the rumours from his time in Italy suggests that he may not be the professional we all would like to believe. Alex Neil doesn''t strike me as the sort of manager that will put up with a bad attitude.
  3. We know Jerome carries injury problems so we can always give Cam a rest against Newcastle. It''s a tough one for Alex Neil but I''m sure he knows when the right time to mix things up is. After losing the Leicester game though I wouldn''t be surprised to see a few changes.
  4. Always liked Snodgrass, but let''s be honest Redmond''s better. So, if it was a choice we certainly made the right call in getting rid of Snodgrass. Hope he comes back though and does well for Hull this season.
  5. I hope we take advantage of this, play two wingers and test him out with crosses early on. The last thing we want to do is allow them to come into the game and allow the keeper to settle.
  6. Agreed, and this is what makes early season predictions so hard. A new manager comes in and they rise up the table, same thing could happen with Newcastle. It''s interesting that Tim Sherwood seems to be on the brink of the sack as well, so could be all change quite quickly.
  7. Interesting opinion, I think we have played teams at the right time but also made our own luck. I would agree though that the Newcastle game is the perfect match for us. Not sure about the Liverpool one, don''t think they were playing that badly to be honest and it will take time for Klopp to make it his team.
  8. As much as I like him, I don''t think he is good enough to play in the Premier League as a lone striker. I certainly don''t think he is better than Jerome or Mbokani. I''d also say we only see a small part of his attitude. We don''t really know how he is in training and how well he integrates with the squad. The fact that Alex Neil was so keen and quick to loan him out when he arrived suggests that maybe something is not right.
  9. This is really good news, I have been thinking that he well perhaps keep Tettey out of the team so it should be interesting. I don''t see Alex Neil playing them both together because that would go against his attacking instincts I think.
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