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  1. That's the trouble with stats isn't it, the real area of concern against Luton, in my opinion, was that despite bringing in the new players including the bruiser up front we played the same way as we did to lose all those games last season. It's as if Farke hasn't learnt anything at all.
  2. We scored lots of goals and conceded lots of goals. We got through many games with last gasp goals. That however is history, we enjoyed it and we move forward. Those supporters who were honest with themselves, acknowledged that we had problems which would hamper our Premier League campaign if not addressed. Thus it proved to be. Recognising that we have problems and shortcomings doesn't make someone a bad supporter or mean that they've forgotten what happened a few seasons ago. We all hope for success, some of us get despondent when the same mistakes are repeated again and again. I believe our players have great potential and look forward to it being realised.
  3. I would say that we knew weeks ago that the call ups would happen, of course he knew. Did he prepare sufficiently? For example, would Hugill come off the pitch today thinking, that midfield really gave me lots of opportunities today. No, we just seemed to play exactly as we did so poorly last season, despite the new players.
  4. There will always be some positive things which can be taken, Mumba seems to be a better prospect than his record would suggest. And I don't believe for a moment that you will be looking at the Huddersfield game in isolation. It's the whole season which counts. My concern for today is a simple one, Farke had weeks to set up the team, several experienced players coupled with some talent who have been lauded as outstanding players simply carried on just as we have seen Norwich play for the past few months. The game today was a rerun of many failings recently. What's the common factor? Farke
  5. Sadly this virus is long from finished, it'll be a while yet before normal service is resumed.
  6. So when Farke acknowledged that we were rubbish and said it's going to be a completely different team for the start of the season, we don't include the five new signings who played today (plus the one on the bench). Why have we signed players who cannot manage to at least draw against a team who up until a few weeks ago was measuring itself against the likes of Accrington Stanley and Ipswich? Bear in mind that apart from the keeper, our other players out there today are very experienced.
  7. So all these new signings aren't actually suitable for the Championship? Did Farke keep the receipts?
  8. Fair comments, I think I'm looking at it as a continuation of poor results rather than ignoring the past 12 months.
  9. I don't see it as a mole hill or a mountain. It's simply a game we shouldn't have lost. On the back of eleven other games we have lost.
  10. After the game Farke said that he sees Mario as a number 10 now and doesn't expect anything from him playing where he did today. Think there's a good few on the list as number 10's though...
  11. You doubt Farkes ability to get results after spending a few weeks with a group of professional players, which he hand picked, preparing for one game against known opposition. He seemed to find enough time to keep repeating excuses to the media over the last few weeks. If those players are untrainable and not good enough why did he buy them?
  12. If we're saying that this is a makeshift team and not all of them are first choice players, why didn't Farke set them up to be solid and not concede? We've known for weeks that it was going to be a game with players out, why didn't it look like they had been practicing for weeks together to be solid? Farke making excuses before the game when he should have been training and coaching the team for today. Against Luton ffs
  13. Best Farke could say in defence of McLean and Rupp was 'they covered alot of ground' Waste of money, paper & ink.
  14. Where were we 5 years ago or 2 - 3 years ago? That'll give you an indication as to where we will be in future times.
  15. We're not going to trouble many Championship teams playing like that.
  16. That moment when LDC struggles to find a positive
  17. I read that we want to loan him initially whilst they want to sell. We're waiting to see if Burnley get any offers, although obviously we have money to buy him if we want to.
  18. You could still be right with your timings Mr Pickle, I think those start times make more sense than early starts. I expect we'll find out soon.
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