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  1. I see your milky milky thread has disappeared?
  2. Rupp and McLean are ****e, both of them.
  3. To be fair, Rupp maintained his normal standards including a chip straight to the keeper.
  4. Leitner just back from operation, it was said that there was plenty of interest from Germany for him, so maybe it's just getting fitness levels up?
  5. Thanks for your input lads, here's what Farke will actually do.... Nothing, nada, zilch. He will play the same team as last game barring injuries.
  6. I can certainly recommend, in our garden we have a hose system and sprinkler from them.
  7. You can come and visit me if you want £££££
  8. Be careful matey, maintain your distance, don't touch anything and wash your hands.
  9. Subs in this game were particularly unique in that players have had less preseason than customary.
  10. Doesn't really matter what the ref says after the game does it. Like when opposition managers say how good we are and we should keep playing the way we do, after taking three points off us. Doesn't mean anything.
  11. They do refund if you're persistent.
  12. Unfortunately for you, it's in the public domain. If you put your fingers in your ears and say lalalalalala you won't have to hear him speak.
  13. Interesting you want to highlight McLean when several of our players were very good today. What exactly did McLean do to warrant your attention?
  14. Unfortunately for you, it's in the public domain. If you put your fingers in your ears and say lalalalalala you won't have to hear him speak.
  15. It's happened a few times. Observing something and thinking about it doesn't mean I'm offended.
  16. It's hardly out of context if you consider the whole of what he has said, his answering to the questions at that time and the way he repeatedly said it. And it doesn't offend me, it just makes me question his management ability. You don't offend me either
  17. His press conferences are quite public, he's said a few times about supporters and more than once about the journos. Most on this forum don't tend to listen to what he says or look at the game results though for some reason.
  18. It'll be via the app, not the website
  19. So Farke & Freezer saying that fans don't know what they're looking at or talking about, losing twelve games in a row without adjusting tactics doesn't matter. I personally find it slightly jarring when Farke regularly says that fans don't know anything about football. I will find it interesting to monitor Freezer's articles and tone as the season progresses, it appears that Farke isn't changing playing style so we can expect the same as last season.
  20. I read a report on the game and it was hilarious how the writer had tried to find positive things to say about McLean while failing badly.
  21. Are you watching the right Kenny McLean? He plays for Norwich, runs around pointing with the occasional skip / hop as he's running. The best thing Farke has to say about him "he covers alot of ground"
  22. Obviously those supporters who recognised our defensive problems and warned that we wouldn't survive in the Premier League unless they were addressed seem to have been proved to be correct? Apart from them, er yeah
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