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  1. That's all fine until he's asked to defend or god forbid, the ball lands at his feet. Rupp is a pup
  2. Ldc's nieces, I bet they love you uncle
  3. That's exactly the point isn't it, Farke will view them as weak opposition, will just do exactly the same as he has been doing and we'll get the same results as we have been getting.
  4. Connor and David have been quite kind in their reports about NCFC recently. Paddy in his latest article is a little more realistic.
  5. If things don't change, they'll stay as they are.
  6. Farke's speciality is cutting off his nose to spite his face. Look at how we continued to play last season plummeting towards relegation, trying harder and harder at Plan A.
  7. Farke fudged about training, which nobody sees to confirm or deny. Then he ranted about Todd's performance LAST season, assists, goals etc. I'm not sure blame for last season could be laid at Todd's feet? Regards Emi, hints about training but a rant about getting sent off. That was months ago, should have been done and dusted at the time, not being dragged through the media into the next season. So is it as clear cut as Farke would have you believe? I don't believe everything I see or hear as the complete truth without considering the agenda of the person saying it.
  8. You haven't seen that, you're taking hints from Farke and making your mind up without any substantive facts.
  9. The games are age grouped so if the best players go out on loan, a younger player steps up. This can distort the actual game results enormously.
  10. It was the Archant reporting and the muppets on here that got me going. To believe what I read, it was as if Scotland had won the world cup, didn't really relate to the game I saw.
  11. Honestly? The game was a dog with fleas, they didn't look like scoring (against Israel) if they still playing now. And Scotland won 5-3 on pens, hardly a pressure situation when McLean took his pen. I'm not sure why the pinkun is talking up this game and labelling McLean as hero,
  12. Nothing at all if that's your business plan. The post I had replied to however, seemed to be hoping that the academy would provide many first team players. That's a different matter entirely, a tiny fraction of players from the academy make regular first team starts. Martin & Idah don't.
  13. That's 5 players, out of hundreds. It would be perhaps more accurate to recognize the academy as a player loan business, where players are purchased and developed to send out on loan, generating an income for the club. Even then, in recent times, more players are bought in to do this and not developed through the academy from a young age.
  14. Talent coming through doesn't translate to first team success unfortunately. What happened to the Youth Cup team we all cheered on?
  15. Farke has been with us a few years, signed over 50 players, achieved promotion and relegation. Has he learned to improve his weaknesses? Doesn't appear to have learned, seems to continue to make the same errors. If you were an opposition manager, you would work out pretty quickly how to get a result against us. It's not rocket science but it does require a manager to adapt and adjust, Farke doesn't seem to be able to, it's almost as if psychologically he feels that if he makes a change it means that every thing he did previously was wrong. That's just being a bad manager. Its not enough to say we have lots of possession and we play so well in so many topics we should win.
  16. Farke has successfully broken lots of club records, unfortunately preparing a team to win football games seems to be beyond him.
  17. Maybe a new manager will get the best out of them?
  18. Definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing whilst expecting different results. Then when you're relegated to continue to do the same thing whilst expecting different results.
  19. 'Cover' But not in the Biblical sense....
  20. You tell me if our existing coaching arrangements have provided sufficient training for defending set pieces for example.
  21. And a defensive coach while they're about it....
  22. b & c I'm convinced that many of our players haven't reached their potential because of tactics and coaching errors.
  23. I lost the opportunity to post a corny reply. Why doesn't the management like the club owner being questioned?
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