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  1. We are going to have to keep the new Adds checked out today, as well as the old one. Will be a busy day I''m afraid.
  2. Wasabi Peanut? I think you just misheard one of the old guys on Canary Call!
  3. Need to be quick, BAFC have put in an offer!
  4. I''m gonna get a lucky rabbits foot. Can''t be bothered to go outside the city though, do you think the kid will mind if her rabbit in the garden develops a limp?
  5. I''m not ginger, I''m married to a woman! Has the league got to be updated?
  6. There once was a defender called Martin, Why didn''t you play Bennett or Klose you fucking wanker shit Scottish Manager
  7. Ed said Bennett''s wife was definitely in Labour, it''s unclear whether she voted for Corbyn.
  8. All I know is that Chris Goreham gets a bit excitable during commentary, that would be a dangerous name!
  9. How long has this thread been going, Fabio must surely have retired through old age by now? :-)
  10. Made a wrong turn on the southern bypass, currently navigating the new NDR. Might pop up in Costessey next day or two.
  11. It''s been reported that Mrs Naismith is expecting so he might be having a full internal investigation with ultrasound scans to confirm sex etc.
  12. The concept of a wise shepherd. Ok so you have sheeps to look after, herd them to grazing and ensure they stay in the area, safe from predators. Check the weather. Remember to take a packed lunch, shepherds pie. How wise is a shepherd?
  13. I went to the hairdresser today and got a blue rinse. #lovebournemouth
  14. So are you saying that Naismith is being forced to watch the away game on a cold rainy January night in stoke to see if he is a suitable signing?
  15. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Back on thread......Any idea who the new he/she NCFC Director may be?[/quote] A he/she, mmmm that will please the rainbow contingent
  16. The issue has not been dealt with yet. In the real world, after queueing at half-time to purchase a pie, you are then left with 7 mins to consume the pint in your left hand whilst juggling said pie with right hand. Obviously pint has to be drunk prior to sitting down, pie could be eaten in the seat, but can you resist and save it for the second half?
  17. [quote user="westcoastcanary"]ZippersLeftFoot wrote: "And as deprioritising one FA Cup tie can only affect the next game does that make a draw at Stoke a failure - if not why not - we are only doing it for money aka points so if we dont get one what was the benefit?"Trouble is it can easily affect more than one game; team just building momentum and starting to put together a consistent run of good-level performances loses focus owing to "irrelevant" cup game then can''t regain momentum/performance, loses next league game against mid-table side and worse still also the next one against lower end rivals ..............Fortunately for discussion forums no-one posting will ever be able to say for certain that results would have gone better with a different approach to that cup game! [/quote] Incorrectible! If Wes doesn''t play versus Man City, then he doesn''t get tired / injured. Fact. He may or may not have got injured, however, would he be at his best versus Bournemouth had he played twice that week already?
  18. 1.2 million, in Bournemouth? That''s not gonna be on Sandbanks with Harry. More likely an apartment overlooking Lidl.
  19. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Is.......lets just say keeping it in the family.[/quote] Sounds like Ipswich, lots of keeping it in the family
  20. Last time I took a small person to Carrow Rd they waited until it was very quiet before shouting out ''Come On England'' Oh dear
  21. I firmly believe that a draw is worst result, closely followed by a win. Ideally we lose today with no injuries to our first choice team. No apologies, we need fully fit & focused club on the League.
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