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  1. Surely our team looks weaker than at the start of the transfer window? Points gained & League position? Over the past year or were you looking at what we've achieved so far this season? Four more games before you consider it will be almost a quarter of the season gone, if you expect different results from using the same tactics as last season, you're kidding yourself. Teams know how to deal with it now, we haven't moved on and adapted.
  2. We have a weaker first team now, the tactics have not moved on and adapted to keep up with the opposition, and we retain the weaknesses in defence. We're not going to be gaining promotion this season. You may measure success as having lots of possession or lots of passes, in which case you may well be happy, but time has moved on, Farkes tactics will not win anything now, and his intransigence makes him a bad manager. He doesn't change until it's too late.
  3. Farke has said today that we are short of defenders. We know from experience that our defensive situation has been shambolic for past couple of years. We're four games into the new season where Farke has employed exactly the same tactics as have failed the team previously. How does give it three games help?
  4. You're in grave danger of repeating your same mistakes. Think before you post, of course we take references from the past to plot a successful path moving forward.
  5. We don't know where we will finish at the end of the season but it does seem that our team is getting weaker, with issues not being addressed, rather than stronger.
  6. We should have been ready then, not as you suggest, 'see were we are in three weeks time'
  7. Byram has a season ticket at the physio.
  8. No crowds at the ground = no pressure on Farke. If they'd have been normal level of fans past few months, Farke would have been gone by now.
  9. That's how it works, you don't get points for what you might do, you get points for what you have done. I'm looking at what Farke has done.
  10. It's the simple principle of signing players BETTER than those already at the club. You may make fewer signings but the first team is improved.
  11. We haven't got enough money for a proper defender, says Farke. Perhaps we bought too many players for the U23'S and to go on loan? Why not just buy first team players, even if it's just one each window Better Than We've Already Got.
  12. I'd be quite surprised to think that just one game could change your opinion one way or the other. Surely you give careful thought to these things and wouldn't be easily swayed from your reasoned opinion just by one games result?
  13. Farke did put a bid of 26 pfennig in to Barca for one of their CB's. Can't understand why it wasn't accepted.
  14. Just remind me of how many club records Farke has broken using the reasoning you've highlighted. How many goals have we scored & conceded this year? And if we ignore the relegation, how are we doing now after the first four games of the season?
  15. Gentlemen, surely the question is 'How many other defenders will be sold before 5:30?
  16. I'm indifferent towards Trybull, but feel quite negative towards Rupp, not because of stats, just watching him does my head in.
  17. That's all fine until he's asked to defend or god forbid, the ball lands at his feet. Rupp is a pup
  18. Ldc's nieces, I bet they love you uncle
  19. That's exactly the point isn't it, Farke will view them as weak opposition, will just do exactly the same as he has been doing and we'll get the same results as we have been getting.
  20. Connor and David have been quite kind in their reports about NCFC recently. Paddy in his latest article is a little more realistic.
  21. If things don't change, they'll stay as they are.
  22. Farke's speciality is cutting off his nose to spite his face. Look at how we continued to play last season plummeting towards relegation, trying harder and harder at Plan A.
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