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  1. I fail to understand those who look down on others because of their skin colour or ethnicity. Yes, there are huge differences between different cultures, we find it quite hilarious sometimes when we come across these foibles with friends from different cultures, but that doesn't mean I'm better or worse than they are.
  2. Nobody should be treated better or worse because of their skin colour or ethnicity.
  3. The main difference between a buffalo and a bison, you can't wash your hands in a buffalo.
  4. Psychologically I think they'll probably have nightmares when they look back at the game. It was a complete car crash of a game which we didn't deserve to win. Rotherham will wonder how on earth they managed to miss a pen, miss a few clear chances, get a red card and give a pen away. That's football though, we'll take the three points, ban the players from watching the highlights and kick their **** ready for Tuesday.
  5. 50 / 50 tackle, the Rotherham player had studs up though, feet off ground
  6. Every player makes fouls like that sometimes. I don't see from him positive passes which create chances. I don't see him making things happen defensively, he's much like McLean, a spectator.
  7. Positive things like Rupp equalling Usain Bolts record as he runs back towards Krul leaving all our players in the Rotherham penalty area. He covered some ground then.
  8. We need to win games, that requires a combination of tactics, sometimes more agricultural than Plan A, but being able to adapt and adjust. Hopefully it'll go well today and we won't just use Farke ball with different personnel.
  9. Well there you go Harry, your wish is Farkes command.
  10. What you want is a bit different to what Farke will do.
  11. Which players have we signed who have improved the first team, better than we had? Skipp seems to have potential but obv he's not a long term player for us. Hugill seems to have potential but Farke won't play him. Gibson is an unknown quantity, Farke didn't play him.
  12. Reality is we have signed a plethora of players this year, majority of which are not good enough for the first team at the moment.
  13. Farke will pick Krul McLean Skipp Rupp Pukki Fill in the rest with whoever's not injured or speaking out of turn in training.
  14. How do you define good? He's not a good defender and he's not good at going forward with end product. That may be tedious but there you go.
  15. Which have continued on in a similar style to last season.
  16. Look at the League table before posting again
  17. He's a mediocre right back, not good just a mediocre right back who can't keep away from the physio. He was even worse at left back, no left foot, no defensive awareness and no output in the opposition half. He has the attacking skills of Rupp. If you want to find a positive about him, versatile and cheap. But even those qualities are null and void because he's made of glass.
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