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  1. Vadis and Mulumbu still feasting on Hoopers left over pies.
  2. Klose,Pinto,Andreu.Mulumbu,Dorrans,Jarvis, a new chief scout should be the next signing.
  3. Agree America Norwich fan, Olsson looking a bit chubby, must have been on some of Mulumbu''s and Vadis pies
  4. Mrs Miggins, we don''t have time.
  5. Whittaker doesn''t look so bad now does he. Agbonlahor will tear Pinto apart on Saturday, another continental gem from are scouting team. "Rest Pinto" Whitts back please.
  6. No Drazen that was me, but you can have my Tracy island model if it makes you feel better.
  7. [quote user="Highland Canary"]Only risk the non-starters and U21s. Stoke and Bournemouth away much more important games.[/quote]. Agree with HC
  8. No. If we get a new striker in the window Mbokani will be on the bench at best.
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