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  1. I speak German and have read the Kicker article and a few more that came up in a google search. At the moment this is pure speculation. Kicker is a highly respected magazine, if they said it was happening I'd believe it, but the Kicker article that started this is just a "what if" article. The title probably gives the tone: "Warum nicht einer wie Farke?": "Why not someone like Farke?". The writer of the article reckons Dortmund need someone who knows the club, who can give the club a defined way of playing and implement that across the teams etc etc and then suggests that someone like Farke would fit the bill. There's not even a hint that this is about to happen. A couple of other articles pick the idea up, but conclude that Farke, who likes it in Norwich, wouldn't leave us mid season, and perhaps not until his contract is out in 2022. He seems to be viewed as honourable. Odd concept in football, that. I've always thought Farke will manage Dortmund one day. And his comments to us about his feelings for Norwich are carefully worded to leave open the possibility of joining Dortmund one day: "Norwich will always be my home in England" and "My heart is yellow". And I wouldn't begrudge him leaving, if that's what happens one day, he's done enough here. And, yes, articles like the Kicker one can develop a life of their own, but at the moment, there is no suggestion that I can see in the German media that this is remotely imminent.
  2. When Farke was introduced, Webber said something along the lines of our new model requiring a coach who could actually develop and improve players, since we didn't have the funds to go out and buy the finished article. Farke had been chosen partly for his ability to do just that. Looking at Todd, or plenty of others, that box has been well and truly ticked.
  3. I've heard it suggested that his transfer value is £8m, and if that's so, and if we've got a maximum of £15m to £20m to spend, we can't afford to spend that much on someone who hasn't even started in the Championship, however much he's good to have around.
  4. I think Leitner is one of our best, and will be crucial should we make the Prem. But last night proved he can't play in Emi's position. It was striking how much better he looked when Vrancic came on and we switched to 3-5-2, and he was able to go and play in his natural "quarterback"position, central, taking the ball of the back players. Vrancic too is class and could equally be crucial in the Prem. Farke's jobs for the Summer include working out how to play Mo and Mario together. A diamond, maybe, with a holding player behind, the two of them side by side, and Stiepers / Kenny up top, and Emi off Pukki up front, with Onel to come on if we need more width? But that's for the Summer. We need to get over the line now, and I suspect that means sticking with 4-2-3-1, and that in turn means there's only room for one of Mo / Mario / Kenny next to Trybull / Tettey. On the last couple of games you'd have to go for Mario.
  5. IMO Leitner is our best player. He could be even more important in the Prem, should we get there. And I'm worried that if he doesn't get game time soon, he'll want to be off: it's absurd that someone who was thought of as future German Nationalmannschaft player can't get into our team. Really want to see him play. But that doesn't mean we go without a defensive midfielder. One of Trybull and Tettey has to play.
  6. Not so. You may be thinking of Zimmermann? Before joining us, Vrancic played for Darmstadt in the Bundesliga 2015 to 2017. Leitner came from Augsburg (Bundesliga). His spells elsewhere have included Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga) and Lazio (Serie A). Leitner has also played for the German under 21 side, which he captained. When we signed him, there were reports in the press that the other German players here were astonished that we had attracted someone of his stature. He continues to have a high profile in Germany, where he was thought to be heading for a career in the Nationalmannschaft. IMO he's our best player, and we'll need him in the Premier more than the Championship, should we get there. But, someone with his pedigree won't stay here if he's number 3 behind McClean and Vrancic.
  7. I'd like to see Leitner play because I think he's class, Vrancic too. Plus, if we get up, we'll need Leitner's control even more in the Prem. Can't give the ball away so much there. Leitner has a high profile in Germany still, where he was once considered "the next big thing" and I fear he may not be short of suitors if he's number three behind McClean and Vrancic here.
  8. Cantwell is a good prospect and has been great. May even be better in the Premier leagues, should we get there, as it's just that bit less physical. He does get pushed off the ball at this level. But striking how Leitner and Vrancic came on and we immediately had control in midfield. Ok, Wigan were tiring. But even so, why would we go into the final games with our two best midfielders on the bench?
  9. Stiepermann didn’t have his best day but wasn’t the main problem. I thought Cantwell looked lightweight. And McClean kept giving the ball away. He’s been great, and is certainly a top squad player at Championship level, but whether we can live with someone who gives the ball away so much should we make the Premiership is open to question. We have arguably the two best midfielders in the Championship sitting on the bench. Vrancic made an immediate impact when he came on. As for Leitner, we’ll need his calm and his passing skills if we make the Premier. But he won’t be here if the message to him is that he’s third choice. He's got a high profile in Germany still, and won't be short of suitors if he's the back up to the back up to Kenny McClean here.
  10. Interesting to note in the context of “we can’t be expected to compete with the likes of Norwich” that according to transfermarket.com our Summer spend was - (minus) £32,400,000 (i.e., a net income of that figure) whilst Birmingham’s was only - £2,500,000. But no, they can't expect to compete with us. What a job Farke and Webber have done.
  11. Strange though it may seem, to a German a finger moustache would not be a reference to a facist dictator who lived more than 50 years ago. That would be reading things into the gesture that Stiepermann could not have intended. He’s been great for us this season, and I thought Saturday was one of his very best performances. My MotM. But he always gives 100%.
  12. You could make a case for several. Pukki for his goals. Klose, for his work at both ends of the pitch. Buendia - on fire right now. Tettey. The two young full backs. Frankly, most of the team.. But, Mo Leitner for me. On the ball 90 or 100 times a game, he’s the man who knits it all together. If we’re to do anything this season - and I still can’t believe it - Mo needs to stay fit and in form.
  13. Whilst it’s hard to argue with the sponsors giving Mo Leitner MotM yesterday (what a player he is!) I’d have given it to Tettey, who I thought changed the game. Throughout the first half we couldn’t cope with their big number 19: big Zimm lost every aerial dual (haven’t seen that before!) and even Klose was outjumped on the one occasion he was marking him. Which gave them a ready made outlet: go long to 19, flick on, Norwich turning and under pressure. I think Farke (as the rap says: shrewd tactician) tweaked it at half time, because the first time they got the ball in the second half, up went the long clearance to 19, and who was on him but Tettey, who resisted the shove (no one shoves Tettey about!) and won the header. And every time after that Tettey was on 19, and every time he won the ball, and eventually they took 19 off. Well done that man Tettey! Well done all of them, actually, we made it difficult for ourselves, but the will to win was incredible.
  14. Vrancic impressed in that role in Sheffield, and I’m guessing may be the more creative option, long term. Against Millwall, one could see a case for Stiepermann’s more physical presence. The good news is that the team appears to be so cohesive that recently the choice of individual personnel has mattered less.
  15. Leitner is class. And we''ll get more out of him playing him in the number 10 position. He showed great attitude to play in a more defensive position last season, but number 10 is his natural position and I look forward to seeing him there. Great signing, if true.
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