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  1. Disappointing but not the end of the world WBA - have an experienced manager and experienced team, who specialise in defending a one goal lead Whoever scored first - had this game Over all, we were probably the better team today but WBA taught us a lesson - albeit a lesson in boring 1- 0 tactics
  2. Mulumbu is probably the best midfield player we have - He will be a regular once fit - An exciting second half of the season ahead!
  3. Doesn''t AN speak a bit of French Anyway? [Literally cuts appendix out with a grapefruit knife - in further frustration!]
  4. I agree with most of the points raised by the OP But if Johnson isn''t seen to be a premiership player [and I don''t think he is either if I''m honest] how can Grabban who only managed 1 goal in 5 chances in the Championship be consider salvageable for the Prem? Grab clearly isn''t Prem standard and should have been sold to bring in a quality CB
  5. Where does it leave Sheffield Wed?
  6. I highly rate AN''s decision making and technical football awareness but have always felt his faith in Grabban was over rated Cant ague that Grabban doesn''t put himself about well but to be fair his finishing is abysmal - 5 good chance and he might score 1 Hooper doesn''t put himself about quite so well but has a better first touch and lay off - I would expect a goal every 2 or 3 chances from Hooper and would rate him as the better player by a considerable margin
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