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  1. Wait... could saying 'them' be deemed as racist also? Genuine question.
  2. Also waiting for a response to this. I work with Chinese people. One of them calls himself Chinaman Dave. He made that up, no one else. He also speaks in broken English.
  3. The only attention I've paid towards him is what I've directly seen from him when I've watched him play. Not once has he filled me with confidence that this is the standard of football he should be playing at. End of. That's my opinion, clearly there's many of you that find him more than suitable to play an important role in our squad and that's also fine! I honestly can't wait for him to prove me wrong!!!!!!!!
  4. Agreed. If you can't clearly see the quality between the two players in the times they have not performed (positions they play and/or types of players have nothing to do with this) then sorry but you don't read the game of football very well.
  5. That's why I said I think he's League 2 standard...Meaning he would bang in goals for fun at that level...maybe get you 5-10 a season in League 1 and maybe 0-2 in the Championship.
  6. Name me a time Srbeny has made a direct impact on us winning or salvaging a draw? Seeing as that's the only role he has played so far since being here I'm interested to hear times he's done so...
  7. We will agree to disagree here and leave it at that.
  8. Because Wilbraham is English and Srbeny is German? I've not come here to slate Dennis Srbeny, but come on.............It's not an insult to call him a League 2 player...he's a professional footballer and what he shows on the pitch is of that standard.
  9. I guess I sort of meant it in a sense of our level being in the Championship and the money we have available to us also. We don't have 40mil players sitting on the bench. We do have quality past our first 11, but we are winning for a reason. I'm not disagreeing with the notion that we should rotate. But I for one standby the fact that if you're winning games (or not losing and maintaining top 2 position in the league) and a professional head coach sees his players day in day out in training, along with updates from his medical staff, why change?
  10. Best comment so far in this thread. Only thing I would say against Farke (and what someone else said previous) is that instead of bringing on League 2 Srbeny on for last 5 minutes when we need a goal, bring on Marshall, stretch the game and have balls flying in to the box for Pukki and Rhodes.
  11. He wants Christmas off, clearly. Absolute embarrassment.
  12. Would be my first choice in managers currently out of a job. Would get rid of the dead wood and get players to fight for their shirt. Ex tough defender who would get our defensive frailties sorted whilst inducing grit throughout the whole team. He''s got my vote.
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