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  1. Russell Martin is Norwich biggest problems in defence this season, he can''t mark, he can''t defend, he not a centre back and not a good captain. Martin can''t play against Spurs as a centre back because today he look awful, Alex Neil will be mad if he play Martin as a CB against Spurs on Tuesday 2nd February because we will concede 3 goals or more. Russell Martin is not a Premier League player.
  2. No we don''t miss Ruddy because I think Rudd done fantastic in goal, lots of brilliant save and no mistake and we should must play Rudd the next match. Today I think Declan Rudd was my man of the match.
  3. Lewis Grabban is not a Premier League player because he not good enough, I don''t understand why he started him and not Jermone or Mbokani, Grabban did nothing he too weak, despite he scored against Arsenal last Sunday but he not up for it in the Premier League.Dropped Gary O''Neil is a joke because he very good and a captain the last 3 matches and I don''t understand why Alex Neil didn''t play him.Why was Nathan Remond sub at half time and put Jonny Howson on the wing is a disgrace and Kyle Lafferty should be on sub or play instead of Grabban.Kyle Lafferty is a Northern Ireland International player and he score lots of goals for Nothern Ireland in Euro 2016 Qualifying and help Northern Ireland to get to France for next summer Euro 2016.Lewis Grabban is worthless, Alex Neil is mad not to pick Lafferty and not dropped Grabban.
  4. Today Alex Neil was wrong to put Howson on right wing, he a centre midfilder not a winger, he not a winger and he will be never be a winger.Start of 2nd half Remond should it be on not first 5 minutes, Is was Howson fault gave Leiecester a 2nd goal, this wouldn''t happen if Remond start of 2nd half, Remond come on just 2 minutes later after Leicester score to make 2-0.These on the matches he play on the wingCrystal Palace (H)Stoke (H)Southampton (A)Leicester (H)It dosen''t work Howson playing on the wing, we got Jarvis, Brady and Remond they all wingers and 2 of these should play on the wings.Against Bournemouth we play Jarvis and Remond on both wings, is work and we won, we should done the same today.If we play Howson on the wing every week we won''t win, we will find hard to score and he not quick and that could get us relegated.Nathan Remond was a big different when he come, on we look a better team, We would beat Leicester City if Jarvis or Brady and Remond play on the wings.
  5. It''s look real and amazing and I can''t wait to buy Fifa 16.
  6. What I meant 50/50 50% we stay up50% we go downThat what I meant
  7. We sell Bradley Johnson to Derby for £6m, he our player of the season last season and one of Norwich best players, we are mad to get rid of him. This Transfer Window been a disaster, Why the board didn''t put money in to buy players who we really need, debt free and got millions pounds at the club and we didn''t spend lots of money on that team, What is going on?
  8. He available on free transfer from QPRI think he would be good backup for our 2 wingers
  9. Is only Grabban and Jermone play most of last season, the rest he sign are hopeless few did play and the rest didn''t play.He sold most of the wingers.He had no idea how to be a 1st team manager, he only done manager of U21 Norwich team.I''m glad he resign in January because he had no Idea what he doing and if he stay longer Norwich would still be in the Championship, our best players leave and he could take us down to League 1.
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