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  1. I was only joking about pinto. Russell Martin''s magnificent long balls.
  2. Agree Ray-so quick to bash Russ. His play from the back has been very good today and quick thinking on that free quick also good. I notice there have been crosses from pintos side-can we slate him yet?
  3. Ball bag-I am sure your coaching skills and football knowledge is second to none. Keep going with your valuable contributions-your user name says it all.
  4. [quote user="Essjayess"]Ya seems Ryan Bs wife is expecting, plus Tettey is sent home unwell, thats why neither of them are even on bench. Under these circumstances not much Alex can do but put Russ at CB. The time to moan and groan at Martin is after the game, if that is your choice.[/quote] Totally agree-get behind the team 100 % whilst the game is on.
  5. Just saw on another Bennetts wife due to give birth. No commitment I say-Russ managed to do both! (Joke)
  6. I thought Bennett might be injured as he is not in the squad at all.
  7. [quote user="alartz"]Russell is s**t. Hope lambert comes in and buys him. Worst captain ever and a terrible CB If he starts today at CB I predict Liverpool scoring 3+ goals[/quote] The CB won''t be to blame if the goals come from a cross-it will all be Pinto''s fault!
  8. [quote user="Oh Cameron Jeroooooooome"]I remember a game Naughton and drury went there when ayala and whitbred both went off injured and elliott bennett went right back. Not martin tho.[/quote] That was the 3-1 home win against Newcastle I think
  9. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Oh Cameron Jeroooooooome"]Well if I''m honest I don''t remember Lambert playing him there. He ain''t a centre half of premier league quality. Time to move on to the next level. Probably be at Blackburn come the summer.[/quote]No, pretty sure he didn''t.[/quote] Lambert did use him there on occasions as we had Naughton at RB in that season. He was CB in our 2-1 home defeat to Arsenal and did a magnificent clearance off the line. I''m now off to sit in my Russell Martin shrine.
  10. You are clearly not happy Alartz-blame the manager if that''s the team he picks. You may as well give up your season ticket now if that''s how you feel-will save you £80 or whatever the under 12 ticket is. And it there were others who had the same opinion as me-have a look at the other replies. I don''t think Bassong or Bennett have played well recently so why not try him at CB? If a single cross gets in from Pinto''s side I hope the flaming torches and pitchforks will be out in force!
  11. [quote user="ball bag"][quote user="Keith Scott"]If Martin starts at right back tomorrow it will be disappointing. If he starts at centre back it will be an absolute joke.[/quote] This exactly, except Rm is a joke, a bad one. He needs to put himself out the absolute misery he must feel with his performances and request a transfer to a suitable non league club that might take him out of sympathy.[/quote] Good one Mr Bag-I''d suggest he''s achieved far more than you ever will in your miserable life trolling on football forums.
  12. [quote user="alartz"]if russell martin starts at CB with bassong. I will personally walk out and I won''t be renewing my ticket. I will not waste my money watching bad team selections week in week out. When we all know RM is NOT a CB![/quote] Frees up a season ticket for someone who will support the entire team then.
  13. Like the look of that team GJL. Although if Pinto lets a single cross in from the right I shall be going mental and probably throwing cold sausage rolls at him.
  14. [quote user="firststeps"]I''ll boo, and loudly... the bloke is rubbish [/quote] That will help. Why don''t you just support all of our players whoever the manager decides to pick? If he does pick Russ-maybe you could boo Alex Neil?
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