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  1. Without wanting to sound too much like Mr Keegan, i''d love it if this happened, love it!!!!
  2. You beat me to it! I couldn''t believe it when I read it on the sky sports website, didn''t see this one coming at all. I guess it depends how much they''re offering.
  3. This could be good news for our own search for a striker, they seem to be linked with most of our targets and they obviously have the power to outbid us ( as shown with McCormack).
  4. Someone mentioned him on Canarycall as a possible target. I quite like this idea, when I''ve seen him play for Derby he seems to have matured into quite a handful for defenders, someone who can link play and finish. I doubt they''d want to sell him to us being a direct rival but it was someone I hadn''t considered. Someone in that mould and another fast striker who can run in behind and I think we''d be pretty much there.
  5. If he does join this has to mean a change in system
  6. It worries me that he was signed as a midfielder, yet AN is trying him in other positions
  7. I see Northern Ireland hero keeper is a free agent. His previous club was Hamilton so Alex Neil obviously knows him, I wonder if he''s being considered by us?! Neither of our keepers shone particularly last year, I think it could be a move worth considering.
  8. We do look shockingly open when Tettey and O''neil are out so a quality defence midfielder would be welcome!
  9. Talksport believe we''re close to a deal for him. I''d definitely take him, a big guy who can play that lone striker role, and knows where the goal is. Not sure i trust the source though!
  10. I think he definitely deserves a chance! I''d much rather have him involved than Grabban. The times he''s played for us he''s been out of position. I''m not saying he''s the definite answer to our golascoring issues, but we''re not exact scoring for fun, and he''s proving for NI that he can score goals, so has to be worth a chance, even if its just in the cup to begin with. Always been impressed with his attitude never seemed to whing even when he was loaned out.
  11. There seems to be a lot of people dropping Jerome, despite none of us having seen Mbokani play. I hope he is better but it still remains to be seen.
  12. McNally has said before that they are there to serve the fans! Therefore they are opening themselves up to critisism when the fans believe they''ve not done what they needed to do. The outrage is understandable, we can all see the frailties in the squad, and despite having so many months to address these we''ve not managed to do it, leaving it to the final few hours to get players in, not my idea of a well thought out transfer stratagy. Couple with this comes the sale of last seasons player of the season, again out of no where, a player who''d only signed a new contract a short while ago. I think the board will be pleased if fans only vent their displeasure on the internet. Time will heal the views of the annoyed, but only if the players Alex Neil has,prove to be as good as you think, if not or we more likely pick up injuries/suspensions and we''re left short then these feelings may leave the internet pages and be heard at the ground.
  13. Johnson may not have featured as much this season, as shown by the games so far this season, but he was a versitile player. Not only this but he had a real passion for playing for Norwich city and you need players like this in the squad. Its fine just putting a fully fit 11 down on paper, but injuries and suspensions are inevitable, you can''t tell me you''re happy with just Ryan Bennett (who is injury prone himself) as Cb backup?! We have a half decent squad but they needed a few quality additions to cope with the rigures of the Premier league, and for whatever reason the club have failed to get these in.
  14. We need to be realistic as to what we can afford, and who would want to join us. This is our first season back in the Premier league, therefore rightly or wrongly we are amongst the favourites to go down, which will obviously put some players off. It strikes me if some of these media stories are to be believed, that many clubs are chasing similar players. For example if you were VVD from Celtic would you join Norwich or go to the Saints?! If we''re still in the Premier league in 2 or three years time and looking at players like Walters and Murray then i would be worried, but at the moment it may just be that these calibre of players are the best we can attract at this stage of our development.
  15. Looking on Wiki, he''s actually got a pretty good scoring record.
  16. Maybe something in this, as now Josh Murphy has joined Mk Dons on a season loan, so we are a bit short of wide options!
  17. Totally agree. I can''t remember the last time one the local journalists actually broke a story!
  18. Yes, I''m afraid strikers cost money, and serious amounts at that, so if we want someone then we''re going to have to stump up double figures.
  19. Check out Robbie Savages predicted table, how original he''s backing all 3 promoted teams to go back down. I guess we shouldn''t expect much more from that moron!
  20. As long as we have our current defence i fear one will be us!
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