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  1. [quote user="Canary from the Waveney Valley"]Because the Messiah is the only manager who stood up to McNasty and the others. Greatest manager of all time.[/quote] Wise words there is not a hairs breadth between our views on this subject
  2. Post of the year yet another poster who finally see''s the light How right I have been on yet another subject. God I hate being right all the damn time
  3. I have and many other posters have said all close season that they will trouser the money and unfortunately I have once again been proven correct
  4. [quote user="Herman "]Oh FFS! When the sensible posters start turning you know it''s time to give up.[/quote] Herman even for a loony happy clapper surely even you see the dire situation we are in. The Stowmarket 2 and McNally must go and go tonight
  5. Our board are witheringly incompetent and must resign immediately and unconditionally
  6. Bradley Johnson gone. McNally position is now completely untenable and he must resign immediately and unconditionally
  7. I do admire your trolling style helpful informative yet irritating beyond words and guaranteed to get arousal from the quarter wits on here ( me included) Lovely stuff keep it up
  8. Not a difficult one to explain our transfer dealings all summer have been a shambles why should the final day be any different?
  9. Good championship player struggles in premier league. Sell him get Pritchard from Spurs and bobs your uncle
  10. Nothing libellous owners are entitled to take dividends from the club. What is clear we aren''t spending the money on transfers unless something dramatic happens in the next few hours
  11. As the years go by morality in society breaks down. He is a binner and a horrible binner as well. Wake up for the love of God. There are thousands of players out there we could chose rather than have one of them!
  12. Still wondering about what has happened to all that cash!
  13. Would liked know who has trousered all the money. Clearly hasn''t been spent on improving the squad!
  14. Traveled down to Southampton yesterday Lapps. Thought not but that''s just typical of you. Some of us do and earn the right to an opinion
  15. There have been many many many threads on here over the past few years harking back to the glory days of Lambert. A time when the fans were united the club was being managed well. We all wish to go back to those glory days
  16. [quote user="Oh Cameron Jeroooooooome"]Kiev - Russia..... Is it ???[/quote] Will be soon!
  17. Looks like the cheap option we wouldn''t increase our offer for Walters above 1.5 million square we go for someone we have never heard of who can''t buy a game in Russia Even teams in the championship are bidding 10 million for players we aren''t it doesn''t take Albert Enstein to work out something is a miss!!!!!
  18. It does make you wonder if some of the players have had approaches from other clubs and we have turned them down and this has effected team spirit
  19. It''s not just the scouting it the whole way the club is being run. Making ridiculous bids for players which just hack off the clubs we are trying to buy from. Money not being spent, players walking out the club. Everyone else we haven''t It been a disappointing summer and something has to be done. McNally out
  20. He was like Hughton today rabbit stuck in the headlights. No plan B didn''t know what to do. First time today he lost control
  21. We still don''t know what has happened to all that premier league money McNally and the Stowmarket 2 are very very quiet As guardians of our club they have a duty to tell us. It''s all very worrying very worrying indeed
  22. One with an owner with ambition and money the other relatively poor and well past their sell by date Size of gap today evident to see time for Delia to take a reality check
  23. I would through in a night of uncontrolled passion with our femail majority shareholder as part of any deal
  24. Think him and hooper going is good news provided we replace with quality !!!
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