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  1. All I said was that we''d been demanding our fees upfront. It''s not usual no. I''ve attached a link too http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Hull-City-Steve-Bruce-says-Tom-Ince-integral/story-26761428-detail/story.html "As revealed by the Mail earlier this month, City are attempting to stave off Derby''s interest by asking for the £5m fee be paid up front in cash."
  2. Brady has never been the next Ronaldo, he only made 12 starts for us for god sake. I do rate Brady as a player but he''s frustrating at times. Then again anyone who saw the ROI internationals this summer would think Brady''s a world beater. He was brilliant in those two games but it''s just consistency he''s lacked. All I''m saying that the figure represents a very good deal for us. Last year of contract and no intention of signing a new one. I couldn''t be less bitter and I wish you all the best for the coming season. Sadly can''t really judge much with Snodgrass, seen him for 2 Europa League qualifiers and 40 mins against QPR. What''s interesting though is Bruce seems to be thinking about playing him in midfield and not on the wing.
  3. There''s absolutely no malice from most Hull fans I think. It''s a very good deal for us. 12 months left on his contract, we''ve dropped down a level. The biggest sadness from our point of view is that he would have been very good for us in the Championship but in the PL he couldn''t really get a consistent run of games in the side. It wasn''t necessarily just form, but injuries too. We are well stocked in that position and Robertson has the potential to go onto very good things which softens the blow for us somewhat. I''ve never said he wasn''t very good, I''ve said he''s frustrating and over priced but that''s merely my opinion. I just feel that he should have a greater impact on games but you''ll soon see for yourself anyway. Our transfer dealings have been very good really, £5m rising to £6m for Ince is daylight robbery and now Brady at £7m.
  4. Well I have no idea who you''re describing, it certainly isn''t Brady. He''s quite slow in attack and often slows attacks down by messing on the ball. His delivery is either very good or mildly average, there''s very little inbetween with him
  5. Sorry, but don''t buy that one bit. Your squad isn''t particularly great and I can understand why a lot of people fancy you to go down at this early stage when you look at quality of other teams around you. Brady will be a regular first XI player, you don''t pay £7m to leave someone on the bench.
  6. It''s hard to tell. But you could quite easily have put in another bid. Bruce did say that your last £6m bid was close. I''m interested too see if Watford follow up their interest and rival you now. On our other dealings we''ve been asking for all the money up front. But I''d imagine £7m will be guaranteed and there may be a few added bits as per usual.
  7. Us Hull fans always thought that any bids around the £7m mark would be sufficient. How many times do managers play games in the press? The valuation was always £7m and it was hit. I don''t know why some Canary fans are complaining, he''s a young player and could really push on for you now. £7m might seem hefty but when you look at the market and with the riches on offer next season in the PL then it is understandable
  8. £7m bid accepted. You''ve finally paid the money, have to think that we''re very much the winners. Whoever sorts your transfers needs sacking, his/her negotiating skills are non existent
  9. It''s quite funny their stats from the Championship are almost identical. The year we went up Brady had 13 assists and 4 goals Last year, Redmond had 13 assists and 6 goals. Considering Brady played wing back and didn''t join till October there''s not a lot between them. But you guys don''t think Brady is worth £5m, but Redmond''s worth 3x that.
  10. What''s Redmond worth in your opinions if Brady isn''t worth £7m
  11. Just as a little indications, the Ince transfer took over 6 weeks to complete. It went on forever this summer, but they caved eventually to our demands because they needed the player.
  12. I do quite like our owners though, they leave the footballing decisions to the gaffer and back him. They''re also very good negotiators in transfers, got us £12m for Long, £5m rising to £6m for Ince, who''s a PL flop and at least £7m by the looks of it for Brady but I wouldn''t be surprised if it''s closer to £9m
  13. The owners have invested £100m into the club and the only way that they''ll see that back is by us getting back into the PL ASAP. I don''t imagine many of you listened to the Bruce interview that I linked on here but he said that if valuations aren''t met then players don''t go. It really is as simple as that to be honest, although we do need to sell to buy, we can choose who we sell if that makes sense. With Ince going to Derby, N''Doye shortly to Beskitas and the windfall we got from Cairney''s transfer, we''ve raised just short of £10m already. Ideally we''d get the Hernandez and Jelavic out of the door and that''ll raise around another £10m. And if we don''t sell then we''ll just keep the same side, which a lot of Hull fans wouldn''t mind as we do have a lot of quality for the Championship. From what''s being said, if you want him then you''ll have to pay our valuation.
  14. He was probably peeved off about your bids. If you''d of started at £4/5m I doubt we''d have heard much. All that did was to alert all the other clubs, which isn''t helpful for you
  15. https://audioboom.com/boos/3383028-listen-hull-city-boss-steve-bruce-talks-with-radiohumberside-about-the-need-to-sell-to-buy-players-this-summer-hcafc Full interview here, not much is relevant to you though
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