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  1. When I mentioned about just needing a tall target man and we''re in the playoffs.  I really meant I think he does have a plan, knows what hes doing and knows that that is the main part of the jigsaw he is missing.  He knows it, we know it.  Getting someone is difficult of course.  Someone mentioned Phillips.  Phillips was never going to uproot in his final years to a completely new part of the country. I agree about Walker, Stringer, Brown, Bond but that just seems too long ago.  
  2. He''s a good defender, but he cant pass the ball.  How many times do we lose possession when he''s trying to play it/hoof it from the back.
  3. Roeder is the best manager we have had in years His teams are fit, players brought in can pass better than many we have had, he seems to have a transfer strategy and has brought better players in than have gone out (except Hucks), he''s not swayed by fickle supporter opinion, brave enough to have a clear out of centuries old players and back room staff.  Just waiting for the target man and we''ll be laughing all the way to the play offs.
  4. [quote user="crafty canary"]Don''t worry, there''ll be no buys of any sort before the window closes.[/quote] They will buy someone - but it will  be the usual ''one for the future'' probably, from the lower league.       
  5. Just did a quick websearch and here are the types of Canaries there are.  As you can see the Italian is at the bottom so that must be Lupoli - not sure what his Gibber is, but hopefully it helps get 20 goals a season Border or Border Fancy The speckled Lizard canary The many varieties of Crested canaries. The smaller crested Gloster The large and strong Norwich Fife Yorkshire Stafford The large and sometimes crested Lancashire Columbus Fancy Belgian Hunchback Scotch Fancy Italian Gibber Italicus  
  6. [quote user="TioRio"][quote user="alex_ncfc"][quote user="Delias Well Behaved Devonshire Dirtbox"] GCSE''s dont matter anyhow, just lie on your cv nobody ever checks it I think the grades are getting better because of the % of the coursework that goes towards the final grade, Google Google Google! A* [/quote] Nail hit on the head, my friend. No such thing as Google in my day! [;)] [/quote]   Well actually, if an examiner or teacher suspects that what you''ve written in your coursework is plaugerism, then they actually type some into Google and can find out if it is pretty easily. Quite a few from my school doing the IB exams have been caught for doing that, and as a result they''ve been disqualified. [/quote] Just put a few correct spellings in coursework and any plagiarism wont be detected!  
  7. [quote user="Stone"] Having to endure the moans, groans and abuse very time we pass the ball sideways or backwards - knowing if we lumped it forwards the response would be exactly the same!  eg... ''Oh get the ball up there for christ''s sake! How the hell are we going to score passing backwards!''  ''Oh don''t just lump it forward ! We need to keep possession! [/quote] Hey that me. And I sit in the River end. (forgot to refer to Stone''s hates)
  8. First of all, to be fair, congratulations to all on their GCSE and A level results. However.  I work in a university.  One of the things we do see here is that although the students are still very good, they have not covered the same amount of material that was covered 10 years ago.  Universities are often plugging the gaps in knowledge that is still needed for entry to degree level, but is not covered in the school curricula.  Universities are also having to teach students how to write essays. For myself, I thought my O and A level results were very good and I was in top 15%.  In comparison with grades awarded now, I am in bottom 15%  - but of course this is because today''s students are brainier.  
  9. I think Russell has been missing from midfield.  He always tries to go forward and burst into the box.  Alternatively Chadwick.    
  10. Prefer pretty football - at least if we lose we can say at least norwich play good passing football. Better than hoofing it and still losing. Either way you still need a tall striker.
  11. Dont forget youve got to say something controversial/ridiculous or alternatively insulting for anyone to reply to any posts.  
  12. The club must be laughing at all the fighting on the message board.  Perhaps its distracting them from signing someone - this is far more entertaining.
  13. Roeder has already said he doesnt play with two wingers
  14. The reason Ipswich pulled the plug on Ameobi is because they have decided to sign Iverson instead!  Only joking (I hope!!)
  15. Lets just see what happens rather than panicking.  Yes its frustrating. Yes, we need a targetman in as soon as possible, but lets see what happens when the transfer deadline is here - an awful lot of activity happens at the last minute and players who werent available suddenly are.  I suspect there is some truth in the JFH rumours - getting in a stop gap on a pay as you play basis, or short term contract in case nothing transpires in terms of a permanent signing (to avoid another scenario of that player we got gazumped on embarrassingly (for Doncaster) a couple of seasons ago on deadline day.  This would allow Roeder time to work on a loan from premiership once squads are settled.
  16. That assumes there is only one person in the call centre answering calls.  ~ Having been a customer who calls various call centres of businesses, generally it is considered to unreasonable to wait 10 minutes. If I do have to wait then why should I be listening to a message that says "as of 9.15am TODAY there are 500 tickets left for Ipswich match on 4 November" some 3 weeks ago.  Presumably this is the sort of call centre you worked in.  
  17. Phoned up this week in morning 9.30am for additional ticket for Sat match.  On hold for 10 minutes despite being no 3 in the queue. Don''t they want the business?  Do they only have one person in the ticket office at that time?  Perhaps people are enquiring about returning season tickets as per earlier thread. Not only that BUT the recorded message told me that as of 9.15am that morning there were 500 tickets left for the Ipswich match on 4 November!!  What a way to run a business.  
  18. Of course there is a danger that the Press will focus on any protest, however large or small, and in doing so will actually comment that our fans have no respect for one of our greats. Postpone it.  If things are as bad as made out, Roeder won''t turn it around in the space of four games (or may be he will and that is the fear).  
  19. I agree we need to start rebuilding in January. Take down the snakepit and build another Holiday Inn. Roeder really needs to fill some key positions too;- Hotel manager Hotel porter Concierge etc
  20. Yes why dont we leave 85 minutes early - the game is usually over by then.  
  21. We need some quality and we need a gamble from the board now.  We are too close to League 1.    There is no pointing looking to build for January in the future.  Come league 1 there might not be a future - any of the players who are half decent will jump ship.  Best make sure we dont sell our young players as we may need them next year.
  22. Come on - have a look at the message bored - there''s nothing but this cluck, smudger stuff.  Any interesting threads disappear off the front page rapidly.  There you go I''m at it now.
  23. Several years back there was a debate that we won more if we were shooting towards the barclay in the first half and river end in the second.  Not sure if this holds up thesedays as wins are hard to remember.
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