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  1. Seems a perfectly reasonable post by PhoenixUnited. He might turn out to be the one and only LUFC supporter that does not have delusions of grandeur for the team he supports.
  2. I have always used the car parking at the Star City leisure complex. Parking is free, plentiful and there are no time limits. According to Google it is 1.7 miles from Villa Park and a 25 minute walk (I reckon I walk it in less). It saves paying to park and avoids all the traffic near the ground. Getting away after the game is easy as well. Shame my loyalty points were not high enough to be able to get a ticket!
  3. We were losing when the substitution was made and had a decent spell of pressure. So to my mind the decision was the right one to make. If it had worked and the equaliser had been scored there were still defensive options on the bench to settle for a draw as the game approached full time.
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