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  1. This is not new this year though is it? More apparent perhaps but not new. Those with the most away points (ie the 750 ‘away elites’) under the old scheme were always guaranteed tickets for the games they wanted with no commitment. All the new scheme has done in that regard is remove the advantage home season ticket holders had over casuals for away tickets. Now the priority 750 are the folks who actually attended the most away games.
  2. April 1995 at Filbert Street. Lost 1 nil. I don’t remember much about it other than it was midweek. Leicester has Robins and Roberts playing for them then. The following season I had my first trip to Carrow Rd on my birthday for a Friday night game against Ipswich. A 3-1 win and a much more memorable experience.
  3. Did the EDP / Pinkun jump the gun on this? No news and no other announcements anywhere else. I am sure I am not the only one waiting to book travel arrangements.... just have to keep waiting.
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