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  1. Horrible.To retro.The first Proton shirt is the best shirt we''ve ever had so I''d like to see a variation on that one.
  2. We may be midtable but only 4 more games and we will be in the drop zone. With our squad we have,I can''t see us picking up many more points. Look how we''ve struggled whenever Ashton has not been on the pitch.
  3. [quote user="chocolate nutter"] This is the end of our chances to get out of this league!!!!.   [/quote] No it''s not,League One here we come.
  4. David Wright,maybe but none of the others,in fact not 1 good name has been put forward and I include Jerome in that list
  5. Yes you are in the minority. So what if Ashtons valuation had of fallen if we had gambled and kept him. The Board have just cost the club any possible chance of promotion and the £20m + that it would bring.In fact i''d be surprised if we avoid relegation and that will cost us more than the sale of Ashton bought in period. If Green goes,the club will be totally screwed as both Ward and Gallagher are not alot of good,in fact when Ward has deputised,he has been nothing short of total rubbish(want to put stronger words but would then be censored) Who will score the goals now as Mcveigh and Leon need a good target man to play off and Thorne is not good enough.
  6. Jerome is overated and not good enough to werar Yellow and Green
  7. Although I agree with you about the club being saved by the Smiths,they are now destroying it piece by piece by asset stripping(selling good players and bringing in cheap rubbish). The Club may go on forever,and i''ll always support the Canaries,but how things are going,it will only survive in the future by playing teams like Peterborough,Rushden & Diamonds,Northampton Town,Boston Utd....etc,etc. Unless the Fans take a stand like we did against Chase and stop this madness,we will be watching League 2/Conference football in the not to distant future and I for one think that this is below this Club. Managers and Players come and go as you say,but so do Chairmen,Chief Execs and other senior staff.And this is what is needed at this present time.
  8. In your column you state that the most important thing between club and supporters is Trust. We have been lied to over Ashton''s sale. We were told that the club didn''t have to sell for financial stability.Was this just another lie? You have now stated that selling our best player is in the best longterm interests of the club.How is this possible? Nigel told us a couple of weeks ago that without Dean,our chances of reaching the playoffs were nil. You Have Lost Our Trust Neal so please go.
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