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  1. [quote user="Cambridge Yellow"]I agree with the comments above. The majority of the target audience support the "bigger" teams. So the BBC has no choice but to cater for them to a certain degree in terms of air time and exposure. I also think the lack of coverage is a good thing. We have got some serious footballers at this club. The longer they fly under the radar and we keep hold of them the better.[/quote]

    If we subscribe to that view, then things will only stay the same, the ''big'' clubs will remain the biggest. Surely its all about entertainment, not just games featuring the big clubs.

    In truth, more people support teams other than the big four, or however mean teams this week qualify to be called ''big'' , so why not spread coverage out.

    Otherwise the game really is doomed.

    Its the same on the BBC sports webpages with endless blogs and features about Chelsea, Man Utd and even QPR now Old ''Arry is manager there.
  2. jelltex

    The Friendly Cup

    Greg Down''s testimonial was on the Monday night, and there was a huge Sunderland flag over the away section.

    For such a historic day, my memories are not clear. We travelled up with Ambassador coaches, and when we arrived at Wembley every pub was heaving with Sunderland fans, but they were brilliant, shaking our hands and making us welcome. Dread to think what it would have been like if Chelsea had won through toe semis!

    After the game, we were so quiet on the coach; stunned I think, and the Sunderland fans were all singing ''we lost the cup!''. Took nearly two hours to get out the coach park and onto the road.
  3. I seem to remember the club shop selling two t shirts based on beer about a decade ago. I know I still have the Budweiser one, to claim intellectual property rights, wouldn''t the club have to have some proof they came up with the phrase first? And as the phrase, On The Ball, pre-dates the football club, they really don''t have a leg to stand on.

    Of course, having the money to challenge this is another thing.

    I hope the brewery carries on, without the club crest of course.

  4. I echo what has been said above. The club crest is NCFC''s property for sure, but On The Ball? Its not even On the Ball, City.

    Seems a coincidence that they decide to act as we get into the Prem and not last season of before.

    I have read the club''s statement, and while it speaks of intellectual rights, OTBC clearly isn''t, but who has the money to fight their action?

    I hope the brewer continues making the ale, with the modifications but keeping the name.

    I remember Arsenal trying to claim the term ''Gooners'' a couple of years back, and were met by a backlash from fans, maybe we should create a backlash here too.
  5. jelltex

    Re: BBC Sport


    You are indeed a silly little man, stop annoying the fans on here when it should be a time for celebration. If you want to find offence you will surely find it; don''t you have better ways to spend your time.

    if you want to have a religious debate, pm me, as i have studied the history of the bible, and the way it has been edited over the centuries.

    The gospel of st thomas says that the kingdom of god is inside each and every living thing. Thus negating the need for organised religion.

    Of course that got edited out.
  6. jelltex


    Hopefully this means we won''t see a return to the negativity we saw after Tuesdays result.

    Well done to Paul and the players after today''s game.

    Hopefully CAFC rot in league for years to come after booing our players and not for selling me a ticket even though I live in their catchment area. To see those empty seats was awful; each one could have meant £20 to Charlton; instead they chose to have them empty.

    Small minds, small club.
  7. jelltex

    Football league watch/ match thread

    What the heck is happening at Dirty Leeds? Not that I care, though!
  8. jelltex

    I think my telly is broken.

    Quite a shocking game from what I saw in the 2nd half, that pitch is certainly a disgrace, and considering it''s a new stadium, whoever laid it must have done something seriously wrong.

    And less that 4,000 for a home game, all those empty seats did not look good.

    And then the game, very little skill on show by either team. Sorry Col, but it''s true.
  9. jelltex

    WACCOE: Losing the plot

    Thing is, they win their game in hand and win at Carrow Road, they''re only one point behind. This simple fact seems to have bypassed them by.

    Anyone who is slightly positive is shouted down and accused of being delusional.
  10. They certainly have a way with words on their board.

    The reaction when we scored the second was priceless.
  11. jelltex

    TWTD and WACCOE forums

    Which is why I''m not joing in any celebration of Twon going down or us winning the league; too many games to go. I believe we will go up of course.

    WACCOE is an endless source of amusement, I don''t like to gloat, but even in our darkest days it was never like that on here.
  12. jelltex

    Anyone else listening to the leeds match?

    I just can''t believe how negative they are on WACCOE, I mean, Jeez guys, a couple of results.

    It''s hard not to laugh, though.
  13. One of the funniest things I have read in ages. Reminds me of the Wolves fan''s "You''ve let us down, again" banners. Preparing for failure.
  14. For you information, gents.

  15. Any idea why the feed has stopped working? Otherwise, it''s a stunning service.
  16. jelltex

    Heavy Snow in Norwich

    Setting of from the tundra of Kent this morning, hopefully. Hope the game is not cancelled as this would be the only one I cold make for months due to work.
  17. jelltex

    The Coldest game i can remember

    Liverpool FA cup 1986, the only game on in the north west, we lost 5-0!

    That Grimsby Milk Cup tie for sure.

    Playing at the National Hockey stadium during the protion season, with that ice cold wind. Brrrrrr.

    I seem to remember a friendly arranged against Peterborough on a Saturday afternoon, mid 80s, after our away game had been cancelled. Bloody brass monkey that day, and was one of only 6,000 who turned up. Or I cold have imagined that one.
  18. jelltex

    Reflect on the Chase Era

    Having supported the club through the 70s and beyond, what annoys me is this revisionist view of the Chase era.

    That there were good days cannot be denied, but the end when it came was bad and ugly, horse on Carrow Road and supporters boycotting games.

    I believe now, and believed at the time, that the success we had was despite of Chase rather than because of him.

    I have yet to see an answer as to where all the money from those first Prem years and the run in Europe went. Players sold over and over again until there was no one else any other team wanted.

    Finance in football now is more difficult and complicated so that a local businessman would be out of his depth; maybe Chase was the first of these to struggle.

    I remember failure to publish the club accounts, promises of being floated on the stock exchange, broken promises to managers and being sent cuttings from daily newspapers by him to those who wrote in the old Pink Un Soapbox.

    That he fooled Fleet Streets best might explain why people are blinded by 15 years of time passing.

    That this has descended into a Chase vs Delia argument is sad. I feel that people are cherrypicking what they chose to remember from those days.

    Given a choice I would have chosen financial stability and mid-table animosity rather than a singular run in Europe and financial ruin. Does that make me odd or just a realist.

    I hate to see the club in the 3rd division, which is what it is, we can climb out of it and be a better club, with or without Delia, but this bickering amongst supports about who owns the past serves no purpose.

    Delia or Fat Bob? I''d chose neither just stability.
  19. A very fair article and further proof as to what a spinmeister the Doomcaster was.
  20. 4-1 up at half times, guys!!!!
  21. jelltex

    Just back from Gillingham

    Just back myself and thought we were worth a point. Couldn''t see if it was a penalty from where I was, my the ref certainly was giving every 50-50 to the Gills.

    Lots of work to do as yet, the team is a work in progress, but they got stronger as the game went on, and reacted first when the ball came off the bar in the 95th minute.
  22. jelltex

    Welcome to Gillingham

    I''m looking forward to the game tomorrow, even though I will be sitting in with the home fans as I wanted to go and did not want to go through the lottery.

    Hope thats clear.
  23. That game at Hillsborough was an amazing day. My first away game and being on the Leppings Lane terrace, and then waiting after the final whistle to see if results had gone our way. And they did.

    Sheffield Utd 1986; 5-2 to almost guarantee promotion, a stunning day, watched by me half cut after several pints in the Sportsman pub with a load of Blades fans.

    Bradford 1986; 2-0, a goal on the first minute of each half at the huge bowl of Odsal. And waiting again to see if Pompy had failed to win. Dancving on the terrace as the players came out to celebrate, and the drive back to Norfolk with big Duncan on the Club Canary coach.

    6th March 1985; Milk Cup semi final, the best moment supporting the cnanries in my opinion. Such an atmosphere and great game. Walking off the River End and thumping the Scum''s dressing room/portacabin letting Butcher and Co they took one hell of a beating.

    Mick Channon scoring the only goal at Binman Road in the League cup in 1983.

    The whole of the promotion season in 2003/04; especially MK, Coventry, Burnley and Reading, when that goal went in we really knoew we were going up. I was stunned and the coach back to Norfolk was silent as we took it all in.

    And I think the best, the day Chase resigned, and we could get on with saving the club and stop the infighting. As if.......
  24. jelltex

    Match report??

    Thanks; it''s there now.
  25. jelltex

    Match report??

    So, for those of us who would like to know how the match went, and want more than a couple of soundbites that the BBC has to offer, I come on here and16 hours after the game, no report.

    Is it going to be like this every week now?

    On a plus not, enjoyed the text live coverage thingy for the first time.