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  1. i for one hope he fails miserably and ends up clubless, scratching around lower league 1 looking for something to do he showed zero respect for our club on multiple times, especially last years hilarious embarrassment, why should anybody connected with yellow and green show him any respect?
  2. buzzing for this one too. i would happily take a point of course, but think they are there for the taking. a good time to play them whilst frank still figures out his 11 and style of play so to say. we know our 11, we know our style and if carra is as rocking as it was on saturday just gone it wont be an easy day for the blues. i hope for an unchanged 11 and a similar performance. my only worry is their CDMs are actual PL quality players, unlike newcastles. will todd be able to find those gaps like he did vs newcastle when Kante is sweeping up? will hanley cope with the physical presence of either tammy or giroud? will be an interesting game, one of those where i would not be shocked if we won 2-0, lost 2-0 or drew 2-2!
  3. fair dues! agreed, definitely room for improvement! but i heard a fair few grumbles on saturday and the main reason for my post is that, knowing how fickle and naive some norwich fans are, i dont want him to be a 'scapegoat' just coz 'he dunt scoor gulz'
  4. no i know, you did say he has been a weaker performer which i disagree with. i assumed you were merely looking at goals/assists etc as opposed to actual performances, of which is think he's not done anything wrong. appreciate i shouldnt assume though.
  5. he hasnt been weak though has he. just because he isnt scoring doesnt mean he isnt offering a lot. somebody commented on this above that if we were to take him out, we notice it. look at the bigger picture rather than who scores and who doesnt.
  6. why does someone have to be the scapegoat though
  7. Can we pleaaase not make Steips the skapegoat this year. I can see it coming already. Some d1ck behind me on saturday was whinging for Farke to 'get him orrf, e'z useless' ! we need to look at his contribution more closely, he drives us forward so many times. done underestimate what effect getting us up the pitch 20, 30 yards can have. even if he then plays a sidewards pass, its huge to our gameplay. he had a huge hand in 2 of teemu's goals on saturday too, how many players would have tried the turn and shot for pukki's first goal? instead, he played it calmly back out to emi and the rest is history. i think he is a confidence player so the moaning and groaning just because he isnt scoring isnt going to help
  8. pukki has scored more goals this season, than cam jam did in the whole of the 14-15(?) season under Neil
  9. how about get behind whoever plays. we've not got virgil van dijk, we make do with what we have got. hanley isnt the greatest defender in the world but he will give his all and thats all we can ask.
  10. managed to get one off some randomer on twitter!
  11. yes, thats why i asked about the buy back thing, separate to memberships etc. isnt it
  12. Hi fellow canaries, I constantly read these threads at work, but havent posted for years! I had to give my season ticket up a couple of years back when my daughter was born but I am desparate for a ticket for saturday's game, I managed to get some last year from friends of friends etc. but now, im finding it difficult, Whats the best way to get hold of a ticket? does anyone on here have one going? I know that some people who are unable to attend sometimes sell their ticket back to the club, does anyone know how I would go about obtaining one? Thanks in advance
  13. Must be unchanged from sc u.m at home. Redders will cause carnage on a wide pitch like wembley.
  14. If you havent seen the page, its worth a look for the videos alone
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