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  1. I missed have missed that! Shat? oh yeah rhymes with what you are - and it ain''t cat....
  2. Sorry not a fan of him, too close to be impartial I''m afraid.
  3. What have you heard then Nige as I struggle to see the positives in that one? True regarding owners pulling the plug but when delia took over we didn''t have a clue how long or how much of her/their cash they would put in so surely it''s always a risk. It''s gonna get harder and harder to keep competing as their are a lot of rich people out there who want a club as a status symbol or their plaything and like it or not if we can''t compete I don''t think many fans will tolerate an ipshit type stint in the champs or worse over a long period of time. We will see though eh.
  4. Spot on Nige, and ultimately they will overtake us. Everyone is taking the piss out of the villa boss but we would love to be able to buy what he bought over the transfer period. Also LDC what if a british rich man came in say Branson for arguments sake what would you say then? keep Delia and her millions or branson and his billions ? I know which I would prefer. Money talsk at the end of the day - always has always will. Also one final point LDC what are your thoughts on nephew Tom and Ed the duck?
  5. He made me laugh - what more could I ask..... RIP Wiz .
  6. I''d have Evans if he is aquitted too right I would. If we are only signing players with morals most teams would struggle with a starting 11 !
  7. Morty, why oh why are you so dismissive of everyone''s posts who don''t agree with you .... oh wait you''re a twat
  8. Morty sometimes you really are a twat ! not most of the time, but sometimes !
  9. I pays my money Al, I didn''t forget that he threw a strop so fuck him good riddance.
  10. My late goldfish was called John Ruddy - was it him?
  11. I don''t get all the piss taking on here. Not his fault some of you fuckwits think he is messi but it''s not his fault is it. Better attitude than the little bearded twat grabban but i spose you all love him. I can see why the post count on here is falling though. He just wants to play which it appeared grabban did''nt want to for us. Twats.
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