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  1. Oh well that''s me told, I mean anywhere the most decorated lifeboat man comes from is clearly head & shoulders above the rest! You didn''t even have the common sense to remove James Blunt
  2. Yeah it''s a real hardship, coming from a town which has a slogan of ''We Built The World'' which is more applicable than any Norwich have unless it''s ''We Provide Chicken Drummers To The World'' Go to any corner of this globe, look on most famous landmarks, you''ll find an imprint of TEESSIDE STEEL Former glories you might add, glory all the same. For current times, Middlesbrough may not be pretty, but it''s not as ugly as envy What has Norwich ever done for the country, never mind the world? No doubt you have nice areas, unspoilt landscapes, plenty of horse shit and tractors to keep the fields green, but you only need to drive 20 minutes from Boro town centre and we have very same thing, including the North Yorks Moors amongst other areas You can call this a bite if you like!
  3. Boro fan here, in semi-peace, depends what vitriol I get my way I suppose Anyway, I don''t know where you seem to have this misconception about us being arrogant, it seems as misplaced as the attitude towards our team being dirty, parking the bus, lucky, time wasters etc etcWe''ve played some brilliant football this season, and if you think (or the team thinks) we''re just the above you might be in for a shock come Monday. Believe me the majority of Boro fans aren''t taking this for granted just cos we''ve beaten you twice, we were lucky to an extent at yours and rode it out, got 3 brilliant points which counted for nothing in the end, but Monday is totally different.It will depend which Boro turns up as much as which Norwich turn up, I would say both teams deserve to be playing at Wembley, you turned a shocking start around very well, we know you''re not the team we embarrassed 4-0 at the start of the season, and the team like the fans aren''t taking anything for granted, if you want to believe we are and have this complex that we''re brilliant and going to walk over you then fine, Brentford thought the same thing (again out of nowhere, for no reason) and were going to ''show us what for'' and make us have ''egg on our faces'' etc etc - We played well enough on Friday to show even if we did have that attitude, it would have been for a reasonGood luck on Monday, and not because you''ll need it, it''s a 50/50 in my eyes, you''re down as favourites but I don''t think that counts for anything in this game
  4. Not that I want to spoil Jims fun here, but just so you all know, you''re actually ''arguing'' with a Leeds fan, not a Boro fan, fck knows why he''s on here making out he''s a Boro fan, some people have nothing better to do I supposeCrack on Jim, don''t let me spoil your fun mate
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