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  1. Guys, all our (Boro) tickets have gone and already appearing on tickets sites from £148 up to £1,000 apparently.I''d really think the b*stards should be strung up for that, this is what happens when you let individuals have 4 tickets once on general sale. One woman on the local radio made 700 plus calls to ticket master without successfully getting through ! Also, a number of Norwich fans were caught in the act trying to buy tickets in the Boro end and refused, no idea how they do this but I think everyone has to be registered with the Boro ticket site to get access. I have to say I wouldn''t like to be the only guy in green stuck in the middle of a well lubricated sea of red come kick off. With hindsight I think you guys organised your tickets better than we did. Roll on Monday
  2. Gents, I feel the ticket allocation is about right, I think both clubs look like they could have filled Wembley on their own looking at how difficult it is to get tickets. Boro have traditionally had great support but over recent years it has fell away drastically. See my post on the ''believe'' thread for more details suffice to say we can draw on alarge pool of shall way say casual fans ! 38,000 of each group of fans makes it a fans final so the atmosphere should be fantastic. God, is it still 6 days away
  3. Guys, I think about 20,000 tickets went over the weekend to season ticket holders and Boro Pride (Priority) members. I further 17,000 was sold out in less than four hours today, its been carnage ! Consensus is that somewhere short of 1,000 tickets are being held back for season tickets holders who didn''t manage to get one over the weekend with what''s left going on sale tomorrow afternoon. I do hope you have less stress getting your tickets sorted than we have.
  4. Mr Carrow, totally agree, the loyal Norwich fans will mostly be the ones who get to go to Wembley. Not sure what a priority member is but assume it means shelling out cash? We don''t have the same problem in the sense that we have a smaller season ticket and priority (Boro Pride) membership leaving 17,000 tickets to be snapped up by whoever can get the on-line website of the phone number to actually work. Not the best way I admit, maybe some kinda loyalty system for those who did turn up this season would have been nice but with so few regular fans it was always going to be a free for all, I also think 4 tickets each was wrong as this will no doubt lead to a be of touting. Orderin tickets today was a nightmare Ticket Master have a lot to answer for regarding this as I know numerous people who had problems this morning dealing with just 17,000 tickets. God knows who manges to deal with 130,000 Glastonbury tickets in hours but could have done with them doing our ticket sales ! Some of our season tickets holders have been unsuccessful in getting sorted so the club has stopped selling and give them a chance tomorrow morning to grab what''s left, I can''t believe that will be more than a 1,000 tickets held back. Any remaining go in general sale tomorrow afternoon. All that said from your point of view late Wednesday is very late indeed for your general sale..good luck and here''s to a final that is mostly football fans although if Wembley holds 88,000 that''s 12,000 neutrals which in my eyes is about 10,000 too many !!
  5. Boro fan here and great post, can''t agree more. As ammunition you have our ''tactics'' at CR and some numpties from Boro posting confrontational posts on your forum as ammunition..on the whole Boro fans are better than that as you will see if you visit the oneboro forum. I don''t usually do forums but it''s fair to say this Wembley thing is proving difficult to ignore. Good knows what work will get done this week in Teesside and Norfolk ! Anyway, good to hear a friendly voice and I hope the best team on the day wins and whatever the result good luck for the future
  6. Guys, Looks like your ticket situation is significantly worse than ours, it seems quiet complicated with very few tikcets going on generalsale. For Boro, 21,000 ticket sold to season tickets holders and Boro pride members and the rest went on sale this morning and have gone. It''s been bedlam with on-line tickets and phone numbers all crashing out, you would think ticket master could get it right. I hope it goes better with your tickets, loads of regulars who don''t have season tickets have not managed to get tickets so god knows who is buying them !! And yes, compared to you guys our attendances over the last few season have been very low, we averaged 32,000 in 2005 down to 28,000 in 2009 and then relegation has seen that drop steadily to an average of 16,00 last season. I think you''ll see a lot of old Boro shirts at Wembley on Monday ! That said, plastic fans or not, ask any Brentford fan about the atmosphere on Friday night, 33,000 fans make a lot of noise ! Here looking forward to a great final and the end of one hell of a season for both clubs
  7. Gents, I thought it was about time your heard from a more open minded Boro fan, good knows why people come on other teams forums to slag them off. My suggestion is to ignore them. Just posted my first ever reply on the #believe thread and here I am doing my second. I''m in agreement with you guys, it was not pretty and not what I like to seeing a football match. We have suffered this at Bournemouth and had our fill of it initially on Friday night against Brentford who dropped to the ground just as we got near to them, that said we did kick them a bit as well ! I think our performance at your place was desperately needed as our away form as not been great of late as we were desperate for the points, we may not have made the play-offs without them. I''m confident you will see a different Boro on Monday although we will still make it very difficult for you guys to break us down..here hoping so anyway. I think the best team on the day will win, it won''t be flukes or cheating or luck it will be who can deal with the pressure of the £130 million win bonus and I''n sure it will be a great day..I''m just pleased I get to take my young ''un to Wembley...never thought I''d see that again.
  8. The good people of Norfolk. Having spent a summer season working at Vauxhall Holiday Park at Yarmouth in the late 70''s I made many good friends in your part of the world and found the vast majority to be a really nice bunch so I''m rather surprised at all the bad feeling towards a part of the world were there is no real rivalry. Things have not been helped by the Boro posts which are clearly from a bunch of 11 year olds who''ve got access to theirs dad''s cider and computer !They are best to be ignored and do not represent the the average Boro fan. Now attendances are a bit of a thing for me as we have recently got a lot of stick about it. You are correct in the assumptions that our crowds over the last few years have been very poor, this situation is somewhat compounded by the fact that we build a 30,000 seater stadium, filled it and extended to 35,000 when we had our heady days of cup finals, Europe and all those expensive foreign signings. I''ve regularly looked out to almost 20,000 empty seats this season..not a pretty site. However we are on the whole a well support club. Like Norwich we are not a BIG club and on draw our support from the local population. To that end I can''t see the point in looking at district, urban, catchment areas because most come from the main town/City. Norwich have averaged over 24,000 pretty much for the last 10 seasons but before that you have to go back to 1977 before your season average broke the 20,000 barrier, attendances go up and down and we all have fair weather supporters, Norwich averaged 13,800 in 1992 and you were in the top division. To make a true case I prefer (I would) to look back in the time I have been going full time which is over 40 years. Boro''s average per year over that period has been 29,000, Norwich is 20,000. The city of Norwich has a population of 213,000 or the smaller Norwich City council area is 132,000 according to the 2011 census, Middlesbrough has £140,000. The only other stat worth considering when trying to analysis this is unemployment rates and the ability of the population to actually afford to go along, got bored looking for this but Middlesbrough is well known as having the highest employment rate in the country for some time. Anyway, if you are still reading this then well done, Boro get good support on the whole but it has fell away drastically over the last 5 years, if we go up it will increase but I think we''ll struggle to fill our stadium except for the big games. If you guys go up I can''t believe you won''t invest in increasing the capacity of your stadium, just be careful you don''t make it too big like we did !
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