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  1. Aye, like that sour faced gargoyle of a manager who moved from the arse end of Scotland?
  2. Don''t get rattled, eh lads? You beat Bournemouth didn''t you? Unreal, you must be nailed on for promotion. I wouldn''t get wound up about Boro.
  3. What are you talking about you divvy? That brute Bassong was kicking anything that moved from minute one. And someone from your neck of the woods making jokes about inbreeding? Ha, give yourself a high six pal.
  4. Aye, keep the narrative up. It''ll make you feel better if you get beat again. For all our supposedly dodgy behaviour, we were the ones who had both our strikers injured from late, cynical fouls. Also, we weren''t the ones who had a player booked for diving to try and win a penalty, the epitome of bad sportsmanship.
  5. [quote user="666norwich"]I have been going to carrow road for over 40 years and I have to say that I have never been so angry leaving the ground as I was after a so called football match involving a bunch of cheating ,diving b-stards wearing a red and white kit it should really have been pink and white as they acted like a bunch of girls. Every attack that norwich tried to mount was instantly stopped either with a synical foul or a player in pink and white play acting and throwing themselves to the ground .The final straw was when your arrogant manager sends a message via a substitute to your girley goalkeeper to also feign injury next time the ball comes near him.You are just a bunch of cheats ,leave the football playing to us southerners and stick to your northern rugby rubbish.The world will be watching bank holiday Monday and you will be judged as there will be only one footballing side on the pitch and the other well you know what you are.[/quote] Sexist ^^^^^
  6. I hope it''s one that clamps down on Norwich''s thuggish behaviour. Bassong and that other carthorse you''ve got, Martin? Kicking, kneeing, even clotheslining people round the neck. Hopefully he''ll keep an eye on Hoolahan diving as well.
  7. Aye but we''re not playing Bournemouth or Watford are we? Who cares what you did against them? If you''re using that pathetic argument, we beat Man City at the Etihad so we''re unbeatable? Don''t be daft. The only thing that matters is how we completely bossed Norwich 5-0 over two games, despite getting kicked off the park by your thuggish centre backs.
  8. Sterike possession for possession sake isnt beautiful either. In fact it''s much more boring than counter attacking. We played expansive football and thumped four past you at the Riverside, and then won with a perfect away performance at your place. We ceded possession after the first 20 minutes because you were never going to do anything with it. If we were playing Bournemouth or Watford I''d be worried. They were better than us, and we played badly away from home. Bournemouth were explosive going forward, while Watford were strong defensively and had outstanding forwards.
  9. Of all our players on loan, only Bamford plays regularly and he''s been knacked since your thugs at the back booted him round Carrow Road. I just wish we could still afford all of our Premiership players, and got those obscene parachute payments that amount to financial doping. You know, like Norwich do.
  10. Eh? The score when we played? 4-0 and 1-0 to Boro. That''s a weird thing to bring up as an insult. It''s odd how bitter Norwich fans are. We weren''t really troubled when we played you over two games. Maybe you''ve been unbelievable in every other game this season, and just didn''t turn up against us. Is that what the problem is? We were coming off two awful away performances when we played you at Carrow Road, but completely controlled the game. Your players had lots of the ball, but got frustrated they weren''t breaking us down and started booting our forwards. We didn''t come and have 70% of possession because we didn''t need to. Why should we?
  11. Christ, you''d think Norwich were Barcelona the way you sanctimonious sore losers are banging on. We thumped you at our place, then played you off the park for 20 minutes at yours until we got our goal and then we quite easily defended it. For all the possession you had, I didn''t see much of a "passing game". Just a load of disorganised, technically deficient cloggers thumping cross after cross in for our centre backs to head away. Did you even have a shot on target in the second half? Obviously that''s what you did when your thuggish defenders weren''t kicking lumps out of us, you pack of dirty gets.
  12. I''ve got to say Norwich were the most cynical team we''ve played this season, Bassong especially. He was a brute. He tried to decapitate Vossen, and then whoever was playing centre midfield also went through him three or four times. Bamford got a big kick on the ankle, and was then targeted after that. He''s hardly trained since. Who was booked for diving in the box again?
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