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  1. Purple, thanks for your response. Two things, like you, expect most of the increase in expenditure to be down to wages, although I''d also be surprised if no costs relating to Colney weren''t included within the budget, at least in part, otherwise, why mention it? Second, I made no reference to Stephen Fry in my previous post and, in fact, hold similar views to you.
  2. Thanks for the excellent report Ricardo. A couple of things stand out for me. First, the budgeted turnover of £102m was higher than I expected, given that we were around £95m last time and there''s been no significant changes on the TV side yet. Second, the projected loss also came as a surprise too, given how the club prides itself on only spending what it receives. Sure, last time we only made a profit and ended up with £6m in the bank because bonuses weren''t payable due to relegation. If this is just down to the required spend at Colney, why not come out and say so?
  3. Just over a third of the season gone, and 12 points suggests a final total of 36, which would certainly be tight for survival. The beauty of football, it''s far from that predictable. Actually spoke to a couple of Chelsea fans after today''s game and they were complimentary about our overall approach, even if pointing out the obvious, our lack of cutting edge in the final third today. Cautiously optimistic will do for me too.
  4. No offense intended Tilly, but "dangerous" really is a poor selection of a word on your part this time on this particular occasion. It''s no more than information put out there by others. How you chose to interpret it really is down to you.
  5. So you did cityangel. I really should pay more attention. Although, woe be tired anyone who wants to right about it, allegedly!
  6. The really observant social media types may have picked up that a few fans were, apparently, emailed by the club on Monday, inviting them to apply for a ballot, to attend a consultation meeting about season tickets for next season, scheduled for early Wednesday evening.
  7. Tilly - wow, that was one hell of a first post, wasn''t it? Maybe it was a bit mischievous on my part, but you had been asked by several others whether you''d been to the game and hadn''t answered. Two wrongs don''t make a right, and, vjust as one swallow doesn''t make a summer, surely one mischievous post doesn''t make a troll? Nutty - it clearly bugs you that you don''t know who I am. Repeat the question as often as you like, the answer will still be the same. And, as I''ve explained before, it wasn''t a case "joined", more a case of rejoining and I''ve posted since, trying to contribute to posts that interest me and that''s how I''ll continue. This board clearly means different things to different posters. Personally, I think you''re overstating it''s worth, but that''s just my opinion. Purple - I''ve explained why I rejoined elsewhere. I won''t bore you with the details. Some will accept that for what it was, others seemingly won''t. Impossible to prove either way unfortunately. This is the only user ID I have. Bor - lol, yes, it was bad, but surely not that bad? Now, what was this topic about???
  8. Nutty - to answer your question, no I won''t and why should I? The vast majority of posters here are anonymous and known by just their user name. Being anonymous doesn''t automatically make anyone who is a troll. A few posters are open about who they are, either directly on here, or in person. That''s their personal choice. Again, knowing who someone is in real life doesn''t make anyone a troll. A troll is someone who sows discord on the internet by starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages with deliberate intent of provoking readers into a response or disrupting on-topic discussions. Now, if you want to compare and contrast our respective postings, either on this thread or any others for that matter, having regard to the above, feel free. You don''t own this site, you''re not the forum police, so just bear this in mind before banding around the word troll in future. In the meantime, I''ll carry on posting to this, or any other thread that takes my interest, just as I am. If you have a problem with that, so be it, I honestly couldn''t care less.
  9. Only took a couple of pages to venture "off topic", and a good one at that, into to a typical, "us versus them" debate. Well done lads.
  10. I''m with Nutty, that analysis is too harsh! Let''s be honest, the academy was probably relatively (compared to other clubs) under funded prior to our getting back to the Premier League under Lambert. Our financial situation dictated this. In saying this, I''m not knocking our previous efforts. They were clearly well intentioned and commendable in difficult circumstances. Getting Category One status was a huge achievement in itself, given our relatively modest investment at the time. However, the recent restructuring of the academy has changed the emphasis, with all age groups training together. The aim is to make progression seamless, so it doesn''t matter what age you are, if you''re good enough, you''ll be fast tracked. Surely, that can only be a step in the right direction?
  11. It may be worth reflecting upon the fact that there are currently 24 Catagory One acadamies, split into two leagues of twelve. City are in the top division, so, although they''re currently struggling, they are completing against the best teams in the country. Many of the top tier teams are spending considerably more on their academy than City. A bit like the Premier League but no mean achievement nevertheless.
  12. Tilly - "I stopped using Twitter when I kept reading a Norwich fan putting down his fellow supporters whom he considered to be lacking in football intelligence ..... " That''s pure comedy gold from you JT, given your "one man and his dog" comment earlier in this thread. #PotAndKettle Nutty - yes they can be. Other times completely unnecessary, especially when either they, or their mates, broadcast PinkUn ID''s whilst stood in the middle of a crowded boozer. Seen it and heard it done many times and not just within the four walls of the Numpties favoured watering hole.
  13. Tilly - I have these wonderful three apps on my phone, called Google, Facebook and Twitter. You really should try them. It''s amazing what you can discover on them ;-)
  14. Tilly - it''s where the Leicester fan groups are gathering before going to Carrow Road to meet up with one man and his dog.
  15. No idea. Perhaps they fear being reported to the RSPCA if they try and split the dog into parts? ;-)
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