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  1. 8,000 miles away (not through choice) Guess I must be a plastic- hey ho.
  2. The unfortunate RVW saga means we are saddled with a player on very high wages, who is not good enough for the Premiership and due to his own high wage demands is never going to move on until his contract runs out.   If he had have gone to Sporting Lisbon I am positive we would have had a striker through the door. I hope I am wrong and that there is money in the pot to strengthen where needed, but I am concerned that our transfer activity will be dependant on who moves on.   Michael Turner is another one, out on loan last Season, I wouldn’t have imagined that if AN didn’t see him as good enough in the Championship last year why he would be in the plans for the Prem this season. Again are we just waiting for the right offer for him before we go for an upgrade?   Apologies if this has been mentioned in another thread, but I don’t get the opportunity to come on here much.
  3. Transfers in 2-Kits 3, come on lets pull it back to a draw before the end of July.
  4. Branston, granted we did but I think that was more to do with the Milk Cup distraction rather than Channon''s contribution.
  5. Depends very much on the motivation of the player, Mick Channon was a revelation at the time and the stand out City player class wise in 84/85.
  6. Ha, ha Still write a bluey a week for old times sake. Now have the added bonus of 100 minutes of internet per week. The weathers still the same unfortunately. Enjoy the game.
  7. Morty, whats the picture? Internet protection has blocked it.
  8. I am stuck down the Falkland Islands for six months and do envy all who are going, however thats just the way it is with this job. I was there in 85 so do''nt feel too bad. Now if TV reception goes...thats a different matter OTBC
  9. BroadstairsR, the internet is pretty good as is the Sky Sports package. The booze is improving, real ale now brewed locally, ''Longdon Pride'' is a pretty good pint and its cheap. Enjoy the game yourself mate.
  10. Will be watching the game in the Falkland Islands, simple message.....Cmon City you can do it. Gutted I am missing the game and possibly Wembley, there in spirit though. There are a few City fans who will be watching, no Binners though thankfully.
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