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  1. Hi guys, Hope you''re all okay, all coping with the wait to Saturday. Lord knows I''m not. I''m writing a piece for a student magazine at university about being a Norwich City fan and just have a few questions I wondered if you wouldn''t mind answering? As many as possible is great - just feel free to add your input to whichever are applicable. What does being a Norwich City fan mean to you? When abroad, how aware are people of Norwich City and Championship football as a whole? Do people know who we are? What do you feel the benefit can be of a supporter''s group? If you''re an international fan, what sort of coverage does the Championship receive where you live? How has social media changed the way that being a football fan works? has it been good to be able to network with more fans? Bad? I think that just about covers everything. Cheers guys, hope everyone is having a decent start to their week! OTBC.
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