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  1. Hi, i am currently in Sydney as I am over in Australia backpacking ofr a year and was wondering if there are any canary fans on here either living or also backpacking in Sydney. The reason I ask is because I was just wondering where abouts would be the place to watch the game next Saturday night (Sunday Morning).
  2. Hi Islington Canary I will answer your questions as best I can then I have a few for you. 1. In my opinion our first 11 will be:- Marshall Otsemeboor, Shackell, Docherty/a new centre half preferably, Drury Chadwick, Etuhu Brellier Huckerby Cureton, Strihavka subs from Gilks, Dublin, Docherty if we sign a centre half, Hughes, Lappin, fotheringham, Safri if hes here, Croft, Spillane, Brown, Martin, Jarvis. A strong squad for the championship in my opinion. 2. In my opinion either Safri or Etuhu will not be here next season and I believe it will probably be Safri who goes as Brellier is more a Safri type player then Etuhu. 3. In my opinion of the younger players only Spillane and Martin looked like players capable of first team football when they have played although I dont believe either are ready for a full season in the first team but they can be worthy players to have on the bench or to cover for injuries/suspensions, I think Rossi Jarvis may well develop into a capable player and maybe Eagle aswell although I feel he is too lightweight at present and maybe touch and go as to weather he makes it at all. Ryan Jarvis you cannot call a youngster anymore as if he was going to make it at all he would of done much in the same way as Henderson. Theyve had their chance! As for Renton, Smart and Bexfield I have not seen enough of them. 4. Yes I am impressed, both the way in which he speaks for example his honesty in the media and his dealings in the transfer market look a step up from Worthy although we will have to see them play before deciding for sure. 5. I am expecting to be around the hunt for a play off place maybe just missing out or hopefully sneaking into 5th or 6th place but I personally feel top 8 and within 6 or 7 points of the play offs would represent a good season and progress as we have to be realistic and say the 3 relegated clubs plus Wolves, West Brom, Preston, Southampton and possibly more are all expected to finish above us based on last seasons placings, the squads they have and the money available although we do seem to be trying to match sides like these ambitions in the transfer market. 6. Yes the atmosphere has improved, I think the first couple of months under Grant the fans were still decidedly unsure of his appointment but I think he now has the majority of fans backing. Right I hope I have been of help to you. Now its your turn. I am taking a year out and will be heading out to travel round Australia and New Zealand, you say that you live in Sydney and Sydney happens to be my first port of call where I am likely to be for 2-3 months. I was wondereing if you could possibly give me some advice on : Where to stay, reasonable budget accomodation : Sydney nightlife : The cost of living in Sydney : The availability of temporary employment in Sydney : Things to do, places to see etc. Drop me a line on jcwfrancis2003@yahoo.com, I would apreciate any help at all you may be able to offer.
  3. Well we all know that Hucks is out injured and possibl Etuhu as well. I think we would all agree that if Etuhu is fit them Mcveigh will just slot in for hucks and we will play the same team and formation but what if Etuhu doesnt make it? Team without Etuhu.                                                                             Gallacher                                  Colin                      Docherty             Shackell                   Drury                                  Croft                      Safri                    Robinson                 Mcveigh                                                                 Earnshaw           Jarvis   This is what I would do but I have a horrible feeling that if etuhu doesnt make it worthy will go like for like with hughes.
  4. Yes, but how o earth is the unreserved seating for away ends gunna work? All i can say is im guna get there very very early.
  5. Also I an from Diss and no the Upson family and Matt Upsons Mum said that Chris has bought a house in Norwich as well so there must besomething in it.
  6. I feel we should give all the youngsters who have signed pro a chance in Saturdayy and Mondays matches so here are the two teams I would play. Saturday.                                                                           Green                            Colin                          Docherty            Halliday                       Drury                            Henderson                  Fiske                 Robinson                     Huckerby                                                              Earnshaw           Ryan Jarvis  Subs Lewis CaveBrown Spillane Rossi Jarvis, Mckenzie   Monday                                                                             Lewis                              Cave-Brown                Shackell         Rossi Jarvis                 Drury                              Mcveigh                      Etuhu              Spillane                       Eagle                                                                 Mckenzie        Ryan Jarvis Subs  Green Huckerby Fiske Henderson Halliday This way in the two matches all of our youngsters and all of our squad apart from Hughes, Fleming and the Loanees and Charlton get a game. Theres nothing to lose, lets go for it.  
  7. I can confirm that Jason Shackell has not been injured all season!
  8. Right here are my predictions forus and the teams we are competing with and what I think will genuinlyn hppen. Norwich                                                                   Ipswich Palace away d                                                          Leicester home w Stoke home w                                                           Preston away l Leeds away L                                                           Millwall home w Sheffield united home w                                             Palace away l burnley away W                                                        Hull home w Leicseter home w                                                      Luton away l Preston away l                                                          Stoke home w Sheffield Wednesday away w                                    Brighton home w QPR home w                                                            Watford away l Cardiff away w                                                          Derby home w Wolves home w                                                          Plymouth away d Thats a total of 71 points                                             Thats a total of 66 points Luton Town                                                                 Wolves Leeds away l                                                               Hull away w Millwall away w                                                           QPR away l leicester home w                                                          Stoke home w Derby home w                                                              Cardiff home w Brighton away w                                                          Reading away l Ipswich home w                                                           Sheffield wednesday home w Watford away l                                                             Plymouth away d Coventry home w                                                          Coventry home w Plymouth away d                                                           Watford home l sheffield united home d                                                   Preston away l Burnley away l                                                               Brighton home w Thats a total of 68 points.                                                Norwich away l                                                                                        Thats a total of 69 points. Cardiff# watford away l                                                                Crystal Palace sheffield wednesday home w                                           Norwich home d wolves away l                                                                 leeds home d plymouth away d                                                             stoke away d qpr home w                                                                     ipswich home w southampton away l                                                          leeds away l reading home l                                                                  derby away d sheffield united home l                                                        watford home l crewe away d                                                                   leicster away w norwich home l                                                                   Crewe home w coventry away l                                                                   Burnley away d Total of 60 points for Cardiff ( tough run in)                          Saints home d                                                                                            Sheffield united away l                                                                                            72 points for palace. (play off place)   PNE Reading away l Ipswich home w Brighton away l Sheffield wednesday away d Plymouth home w Coventry away d Norwich home w Leiscter away l wolves home w Hull away d leeds home l Thats a total of 70 points.   So by my reckoning its guna be us and palace that sneak the two final play off places. I tried not to be biased also I promise. So this proves its all to play for for the boys. We can do this with our support. Im sure of it! That means palace 5th                   Norwich 6th                   Preston 7th                   Wolves 8th                    Luton 9th                    Ipswich 10th                    Cardif 11th
  9. I have just heard from the gentleman that pays a large percentage of Mr Huckerbys wages that a deal is all done for a striker for the January window. His first name is Marlon, his second name is harewood . Any clues on who the striker signing is?
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