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  1. A.) it''s TALKshite B.) it''s probably lazy journalism due to being linked with him in the past, But apparently us and Everton looking into a loan deal from Sociedad
  2. Speaking of which, do we know when any outcome of talks regarding trains is expected? I keep googling it and checking the news but haven''t seen anything recently
  3. Damn.... unwittingly suggested we wont make it to the final there...... during all 3 games rather!
  4. Now I would be the first to congratulate Watford, they dont get the love-in that Bournemouth do, and dont play the dull, cheating brand of football that Borough do, but if I''dve just seen my team promoted I''d be either down the pub or dancing around my living room in jubilation.....? Out of the 3 I prefer Watford and think they deserve it but you rocking up on here 30 seconds later suggests you aren''t out celebrating your success with any friends, so Im happy to be in the playoffs for now, knowing I''ll at least be seeing the game with friends rater than commenting on an opposing teams fans forum throughout both games :)
  5. Of course I am not whining about winning today, but this does make the possibility of missing out on auto''s on GD ever more likely, which after Sheff Wed etc will be a bitter pill to swallow
  6. See as much as there are ups and downs in football it is always refreshing to see a positive attitude towards the community and life as a whole, I am not some sort of theological type or idealist but at the end of the day we all have more pressing issues to deal with in day to day life, however much our team means to us, so a (lets face it) profitable organisation giving a d*mn about other people is always a pleasing thing to see. I was so impressed to hear about (admittedly on f*cebook, so truth or not is questionable) Leicester giving a free season ticket to an old chap who''s partner has passed away, lets face it £300-£400 is nothing to a prem club and it is nice to see some clubs, including us, still respect the moral values of life occasionally!
  7. How long is it likely to be before the game that we will receive any unsold away tickets back from Fulham and re sell them? I''m checking everyday but would just like to know if I''m wasting my time! Thanks
  8. I''ll jump on this bandwagon too if anyone else has a spare ticket..... my tool of a brother-in-law can''t count apparently and I''ve pulled the short straw of having to find my own!
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