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  1. I can''t honestly see past a Norwich win in the play offs. I don''t like the idea of Ipswich or Boro going up as they play to nullify the opposition, rather than to entertain and to try and win playing decent attacking football. I wouldn''t mind seeing Derby or Brentford win, but Norwich just seem to have the edge over the other positive thinking teams.
  2. This idea that we don''t own our players is a complete myth. We''ve got them all on 5 year deals. In reality we''ll send a lot of them to Granada/Udinese and strengthen from the cream of the Pozzo''s pool of players (free of charge of course). The millions from the PL is earmarked solely for a handful of home-grown players we''ll need. And we''ve already got Deeney...
  3. I just hope Bournemouth slip up badly enough for you to get 2nd. Would be a perfect season. In that scenario would you be happy for Ipswich to go up so you''ve got a local derby?
  4. Hahahaha, f*ck you very much. As it happens, I''m now firmly rooting for you - consider me a temporary canary.
  5. Man Utd, Chelsea, Watford, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham - sounds great eh? Thanks in no small part to you of course. Promoted with a game to spare. Now why does that sound familiar..?
  6. Joka wasn''t on many team''s radars to be fair - the Pozzos just happened to know of him due to their extensive networking. I''m not sure he''d even suit Norwich. We had a team full of enthusiastic but naive players, who needed someone on the pragmatic/dour side (like Joka) to rein them in a bit. Norwich don''t strike me as the type of team that would benefit from dour. Neil''s a good fit as it is for you. I wouldn''t even mind him as our manager.
  7. [quote user="bloodwagon"]Do ref`s not like us ????Every time we get hammered by the bloody ref !!!![/quote] True. Your players should be able to punch opponents without punishment. This is fun !
  8. Just going to have a very relaxing afternoon with a beer or two, watching the teams below us thrash it out. It''s especially nice to know that we''ve already got the maximum points that you can hope to achieve. Come on the Millers...
  9. This was an horrific incident that I remember like it was yesterday. Just horrible. On a lighter note, what was the 75 minutes silence all about in your last game? Obviously Boro didn''t respect it, but what can you do...
  10. Well, to be fair I did raise the Forestierri issue before anyone else did if you care to look back.
  11. [quote user="nutty nigel"]If you want to see the most blatant Championship cheating of the season look no further than this : - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esmB-1saiKg What have you to say from the ''holier than thou'' Vicarage[:^)] [/quote] I invite you to visit the Watford forums to read the (almost) unanimous condemnation of this idiot. He''s got form as well, which is a crying shame as he''s an unbelievable talent when he''s not cheating. As for the earlier challenge to find other instances of Norwich cheating, I did a fairly extensive search and was pleasantly surprised. I have to admit that I was wrong - turns out that you saved your cheating for us and Boro, and the rest of the time you played in a perfectly respectable manner - so I apologise for that. Also, it wasn''t my intention to do much more than tease you about one bad result that massively benefited us - I actually have a lot of respect for any fans that support their local sides - even Luton.
  12. Pretty confident, yes. But if we don''t, it''s not the end of the world - just 22 blokes kicking a ball around.
  13. No, let''s not forget Boro. It was just sooooooo funny! Especially the bit where the Norwich fans were crying at the end, and the thread on here dedicated to you being promoted with a game to spare. Priceless!
  14. [quote user="Alex "]Now wouldn''t it be ironic if Bournemouth and us end the season in the automatic places whilst Watford and Boro both get knocked out in the Play Offs?! Totally possible scenario as it stands ;)[/quote] No. No it wouldn''t be ironic. It would be unfortunate for us, fortunate for you. Are you Alanis Morissette by any chance?
  15. Why on earth would I feel bitter? After all, your systematic cheating/diving has come to nothing in the end. You could have beaten us by 60 over the season - we''re still top, and you''re still 4th. I just think it''s brilliant that you''re moaning about the conduct of other teams and referees, when you''ve gained more than a few points over the course of the season that you wouldn''t have without cheating and referees being ''friendly''.
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