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  1. Fair play guys you deserve to go up. You blew us away in the 1st half and we had no response. I genuinely wish you all the best for next season mixing it with the big boys. Hopefully we''ll join you in 2016 without having to go through the bloody playoffs! Anyway your fans were fantastic and your team was too. Good luck for next season.
  2. http://www.camvista.com/england/london/trafalgarsquare_streaming.php Where are the Norwich fans linking up?
  3. Interesting fact. Norwich were the 70th best supported team in Europe in 2013/14. On the average all time attendance. It doesn''t matter how many years you''ve been playing. You add all the attendances up and divide them by the amount of games played. Don''t know where the stats are coming from though. Clubs attendances go through peak and troughs. We averaged over 34000 in 1999 (at the same time Norwich average 15,000) and for 5 of the next 6 season we averaged over 30,000. When you finished 3rd in the Prem in 1993 you averaged 16,000 the same as us who were relegated that year. In 1989 Chelsea averaged 15,000, a dozen years later and they where among the best supported teams in Europe. Football fans of every club are fickle and crowds will always go through boom times and bad times. It wasn''t as noticeable years ago with standing but when you have 35,000 red seats and 17,500 are empty it looks pretty galling! By the way the Boro have planning permission to expand to 42,000. Can''t see it happening though.
  4. This thread got a mention on the Boro forum. http://fansonline.net/middlesbrough/mb/view.php?id=4441254
  5. Boro season ticket holders where allowed one per season ticket. When they went on general sale buyers were allowed 4 per purchase. Should be a great atmosphere. I expect both sets of fans to perform.
  6. Middlesbrough is like any post industrial northern city/town, it has its good parts and its bad parts. I live just outside Middlesbrough. I''ve travelled all over the country and i wouldn''t want to live anywhere else. I''ve visited Norwich several times and find it a lovely city. It seems pretty similar to Boro to me but without the industry/ex industry. Boro = nice people, nice beer. Norwich = nice people, nice beer. Newcastle is further north than us and is a fantastic city, Sunderland on the other hand is a hell hole :P
  7. We sold 20,000 tickets to ST holders and Boro Pride members over the weekend and sold 17000 in 4 hours yesterday morning on general sale. The club have kept 1000 aside for ST holders who have yet to buy. They are selling them over the counter till 12.30 today, then any remaining will go an general sale. I''d expect a lot of Boro fans in your end. Mainly because your tickets don''t go on sale till tomorrow when all ours will be sold out. I know loads of Boro fans who have said they''re going to try to get Norwich tickets.
  8. You''re right it doesn''t get boring! It made my cringe pipe burst!
  9. Your bitterness over that defeat is laughable and embarrassing. I think you need to get over it. If your players feel the same it could seriously hinder them. I doubt they do though as they are professional and know the tactics we used were legit and they were beaten fair and square.
  10. I think we all agree the 1st goal will be crucial.
  11. I would make Norwich slight favourites due to you finishing higher and you having a better end to the season but ir all depends on how the game pans out. You''re a better passing team than us so it would be suicide for us to try and compete with but i do expect it to be fairly open. I expect Adomah to see a lot of ball and Clayton and Leadbitter will try to strangle your midfield. I think we''ll see a few tackles flying in early on. Bamford is 50/50 as to whether he plays but i can see us playing 1 forward with Tomlin in behind which will congest the midfield.
  12. I''m not winding anyone up. Yes i''ll be back on to congratulate you if you win. I''m not a bitter losing and will be gracious in defeat. The Play offs are a lottery, although i would have preferred to be playing Ipswich as this clash has a bit of a sting in the tail as far as Norwich are concerned. By the way Boro fans are oblivious to the needle you have with us.
  13. Yeah like we did in the 1st 20 minutes at Carrow Road Alex.
  14. Bit rich Norwich fans talking about cringeyness. Remember drunk Delilah? :D
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