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  1. At the August game there was no escort and precious few plod on route to ground. I think we''ll get a rather less laissez faire attitude to policing on Saturday.
  2. It''s great that you''ve accepted what you are - a plastic. It''s the first step on your journey to supporting your local team.
  3. I see. And all those recent games oop north on your doorstep that you couldn''t bother to go to? Huddersfield? Leeds? Rotherham? Organizing your sock drawer I expect. No ones interested in your ill informed plastic views.
  4. Oh dear, showing your true colours! Purple and yellow I''d guess.
  5. It''s been great because plastics haven''t been able to watch games on illegal internet streams. I, for one, don''t give a monkeys chuff if we get promoted because the Championship is a great league and I actually go to games (unlike most contributors to this forum).
  6. Aren''t you one of those plastics who never goes to games?
  7. The simplest answer would have been to make tickets only available to personal callers at the ticket office. One ticket per person (no collecting on behalf of others) and bring your stubs along - the notion of only counting those bought off the club is laughable, at many away games you can pay on the gate which gets you no credit with this system. Still funny that the copper/pub landlord didn''t''t get tickets for him and the old gimmers.
  8. Who''d have thunk it? The drink-loving cook jumping in to bed (so to speak) with semi-literate egomaniac Russell Brand (who a few days ago was urging anyone gullible enough to listen spit in the faces of those who fought for democracy). I can''t think of anything more depressing that the thought that anyone is actually swayed by the airhead views of vapid selebridddeeeeees.
  9. Had a chat with him at a book signing at Jarrolds (and I hadn''t bought his book). Nice guy, wish him well.
  10. Maybe for a plastic who never goes to games. I shall be savouring the atmosphere at Portman Road. Playoffs - real fans only
  11. By desperate plastics, upset that today won''t be a promotion party. Will they be as desperate to offload playoff semi home leg tickets if the away leg doesn''t go to plan. LIFE BAN FOR ALL PLASTICS!! If any party stood on that ticket they''d get my vote.
  12. Will the club be observing a one minute silence before the game on Saturday to mark the passing of Keith Harris? He was one of the greats and I personally think it would be nice touch. And remember Orville. He probably sitting somewhere, frightened and alone, unable to fly.
  13. Great atmosphere in the Bridge. Shame that useless tool Hughton couldn''t organise a piss up in a brewery. Team and support nervy and ultimately choked. No kids, no plastics - the way footy should be.
  14. Good for us - means they have to go for the win rather than park the bus.
  15. What kind of plastic would not go to the Fulham match "if the Rotherham game doesn''t go well"???? It''s the last game of the season. It''s at home. We''ll get to applaud the POTS. We get to show our appreciation to the team - win, lose or draw - after the final whistle. Any plastics returning tickets because they only wanted to be part of a promotion party should be banned from any play-off games and, preferably, for life from Carrow Road.
  16. I think Piggy should append "Fairweather" to his user name. Obviously, that''s not as bad as "Plastic", the correct prefix for your monicker. Weren''t you the one who wanted to take me out for a drink before the Boro game? We could always have a cheeky babycham in Rotherham. Oh, except, you''re not going are you.
  17. What an odd post from someone who has previously maintained that season ticket holders are the spawn of satan and responsible for creating a morgue-like atmosphere with the club only being saved by those brave casual supporters who go to one or two games per season (usually big games, naturally). Perhaps Lake District Hammer will start travelling down to the Olympic Stadium infrequently while pompously lambasting the great unwashed of East Lahhnndahhnn for not supporting the club as fervently as he does.
  18. Work commitments that strangely materialised since the Boro defeat?
  19. Not exactly exceptional circumstances in my book. It''s great news that tickets have been restricted to the loyalest of fans - no kids or plastics at Rotherham, this is one for the stout yeomen of NR1, 2 or 3.
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