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  1. I'd think it is a 'rightie' but couldnt be sure?
  2. Nahh....brexit still too strong.
  3. Whatcha your thoughts T. I reckon youve read it.
  4. Good scapegoat gotta go... Whatcha reckon. gotta go par for the course.... Hey.
  5. Who are the some? Where else do you communicate this T? You are keen to preach to a few hundred football supporters, there must be bigger platforms for you spread the key messages. Go on reply
  6. A few things here are repeated again. Maybe repeat them if you want but maybe on the other thread? Not sure the majority of adults are fat. That is exaggerated is it for effect? But sure yeah it's a problem. The whole racism thing again hey... What's your point, you stated that a number of times and get it now. You feel everyone in the Uk is racist or everyone who voted brexit is racist. If I've a problem with what you're saying I should bring up with statisticians or key workers.? Why. My toleration with the death rates. Here I've asked you before for some assistance as to what I can do to help, your response was to exercise etc... Anything the people in the UK can do to show that we don't tolerate it. Any ideas. No attack here. 2 questions. Did you spend all night writing that or just copy bits for other posts you've made? Where else do you spread this good word other than to a few hundred Norwich supporters?
  7. No I like your style and was just asking some questions to try and understand that style a little bit. Nothing is being repeated othar than asking who the racists are on here. Football didn't come up between us on here. Why bring that up? Other than to take the high ground. No issues with the Germany comparison,thats interesting but it's always followed by stating UK people are fat and racist. I haven't given any indication that I would rather style over substance. Where did you get that from? You made that up.
  8. It's an insult to me to suggest I read up on racism. Why would you suggest that I read up on it. Again nobody suggested it's not a problem. You are making that up. I'm sure you'll say no or ignore it as you will say it's personal but can I ask a question. Where geographically do you live in the UK? And do you feel the UK is worse than any other many countries you have visited?
  9. Nobody has attacked anyone why say that again. I've not seen anything like that. You generally attack by calling people racist but can't name one and take some odd moral high ground that make no sense. Again I ask who are the racists so I can ignore them.
  10. No one said that at all. I really don't think anyone has a problem with you being against racism etc... You are making that up.
  11. Where did I or anyone say racism isn't a problem. See my other responses to you on other threads where I told you I see it regularly. Why would you suggest that I don't and am being naive? That is just odd. Again who are the prime culprits if it's that extreme and scary. You are making bold statements that are just unacceptable.
  12. I read this forum a lot. Who are the headbangers and where is the specific personal abuse. Please let me know as that is unacceptable and I'll block them to. All seems fairly friendly and tame to me.
  13. Go on T. Please it would make my evening (quote sad I know) You are teasing me.
  14. T. I know you'll see this. Come on answer these questions 1 and 2 + 4,5 & 6 give us a response please
  15. Is there harm in stating your profession? I missed the previous explanations. Your critisim is of the general public and UK citizens. Why do you feel you can do this. I know racism in society is an issue I see it and experience all the time. You have accused people of it on here, I was wondering who you are referring to. No one is hung up from what I can see on the comparison at all. That's just you.
  16. Regardless of the above. I might get it I might not. It doesn't matter. But what you are doing is just criticising people generally and achieves sod all. Why would you call people fat on a forum? It makes no sense. I've 3 questions for you. Please please respond. What is your profession? What makes you feel that you can constantly critisise the UK? Who on here are you calling racist etc...
  17. Look at the news for what. I can't change the government's plans and directions. I can listen to experts but what difference can I make. Exercise. Check. Am as fit as a fiddle Eat healthy. I do. Foriegn language. I speak and write 3 languages. Interact etc... No problem there. I've got that well covered with family members, friends and colleagues.
  18. Sorry what can we... I do? Those things you say are beyond mine and probably most pink un members
  19. No... Why would you think that? I too have duel citizenship and am aware how other countries are dealing with it
  20. I don't think anyone said it's your fault did they? Educate me T... What can we do to change this. Being pointed out is one thing but repetitivly stating it is another. Football forum.. Are you a Norwich supporter?
  21. Have you thought about doing something about it. Become an MP or something? You are very passionate about it, are you doing anything to help in anyway other than insulting and dismissing people on a football forum?
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