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  1. Forgot to say Howson as captain!!!!!!!!   COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.                      Ruddy E. Bennett R. Bennett Bassong Olsen             Dorrans Tettey Howson    Redmond   Johnson                   Jerome
  3. Quite right, Hoopers goal against Rotherham looked Conference standard didn''t it???? Ding Dong, Can you hear that?? it''s the end of a bell !!!
  4. E. Bennet may be in with a shout at full back, AN may have wanted to have a look against Fulham at him with a view to dealing with the pace of Sears??
  5. I think the issue this season is that our defence as a whole has been poor and we have conceded some sloppy goals! RM is the captain and has failed to take charge at the back or set the right tone. His tackling (if you can call it that) is as weak as his leadership and only since the return of SB have we looked steadier in defence.
  6. It doesnt take any authority to see how poor he has been just a pair of eyes, rather that yellow and green tinted specs!!!!!
  7. i heard that Martin was in the PFA team and assumed it must be Chris Martin!!! How does RM make it?? Chris Martin is a better defender and i mean the one from Coldplay!!!
  8. [quote user="Yellowbeagle"]The thing that would concern me is that we already have Scotland''s best centre back at the club, how far behind Russ Martin is he in the international setup? The league is so weak at times it''s very hard to really understand how good a player is.[/quote] Scotlands best centre back???? - If this lad is being kept out by RM then best we give him a miss!!!!
  9. I always think it is better if the opposition has something to play for, hopefully making them a bit nervy. Rotheram did a job on us at home so they pose a threat but if our form continues i doubt they will cause us too many problems!
  10. Mrs miggins - when it comes to who gives us the most ''bite'' clearly BJ is the man for the job, he also provides us with an end product i.e. GOALS!!! I like Redmond but he just doesn;t give us enough in the final thrid!!
  11. I think it is just because we can both writ proper??!! I am not sure i actually agree with all that tellitasitis says but i am impressed with all the stats you have come out with! We can discuss the merits of RM all day (and it appears we may just do that) but i am just hoping for 3 pts Saturday, if RM scores the winner i expect View & tell will be as happy as the rest of us!!!!! At least its taken the heat off Ruddy -a hero in my eyes!!! 
  12. Being new i hope my view won''t be instantly dismissed?? Russell Martin was a decent full back and provided acceptable cover as a centre half, however it is clearly not his best position and i feel that with Ryan Bennett fit again (for a week or 2 at least) he would be the better option. That being said, given where we are and how things stand it would probablybe best not to change too much as it seems to be working!! View from the Jarrold appears to have an ally in Tellitasitis and i expect they both hated Gary Doherty as well, but when you reach a crucial point of the season as we have i think it is time to pull together and back the whole squad. I am sure that if we get promotion then Russell Martin will not be a first choice centre back or even full back but as i said he provides decent cover - nothing more!!OTBC
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