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  1. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Dead Canary"]What I really want is to do some cool projects with people.[/quote]I''m yer man. [Y]The lawn needs cutting.....you can clean the car.....walk the dog.....clean the windows.....And if you''ve still got time.....there''s always the washing up. [;)] [:D][/quote]HA [:D][Y]
  2. [quote user="Dead Canary"]Me, I''m 30, live in the fine city and have worked for charities project managing and delivering services.[/quote]You''ve been without a proper job for quite some time then [:)]
  3. [quote user="Gainer the Gopher"]Reports I''ve seen and read plus personal observations are proof of enough for me. You can find similar reports more easily than whatever you dug up. My Whopper cmoment was not a stereotype. That was about you since you think BK or KFC serve only fattening food. You''d think that if that''s all you ever ordered. The beer, pie and cigs stereotype fits better than your stereotype does. It''s demonstrated on here frequently enough and I''ve seen plenty of it too. It''s a mainstay of English pop culture.[/quote]What''s your opinion on Obama, GtG?
  4. There will be no bad attitude from Bassong at the start of this season - he''s back in the Premier [:|]
  5. [quote user="morty"]Only slight reservation is that he didn''t play many games for West Brom after he returned from the African cup of nations, last season.I hope thats not going to be an issue.[/quote]Ramadan can also be an issue, but then again Arsenal have five Muslims on their books.
  6. [quote user="Canary Dogg"]Really poor of the club not to get the dvd of this great day out in store prior to Father''s Day McNasty losing his commercial touch? Or just doesn''t care about the fans ?[/quote]I have a sneaking suspicion you''re not really Alan Sugar at all.
  7. Okay, never heard of him, but I''ve got to be the first to say: "I''d rather sign Lionel Blair".
  8. Do you remember the case of ''Oor John'' from 2011, nevermind? He''s the Nigerian, asylum seeking student who attended Glasgow University - he was nine years in the UK claiming he had to flee Nigeria because his family were murdered and he was tortured by a ritualistic cult - he was deported after exhausting his appeal routes and followed the usual outburst from his supporters, political reps et al, all worried that John would find it very hard to cope as he''d been in Glasgow such a long time and had a strong fear of returning to his homeland -- So, ''Oor John'' returns to Nigeria, student friends raise money to send him and they keep in touch -- Obviously no harm, as prophesied, befell ''Oor John'' to this day.If anything had happened I''m certain all hell would have broken loose and our big bad Home Office would have been verbally castigated [:|]You seem to be particularly sour and unsympathetic towards our immigration officers who are given the difficult task of carrying out our immigration laws, nevermind.
  9. [quote user="Herman "][quote user="quentin"]The evidence for the BBC''s left-wing bias is so overwhelming that only someone of the same left-wing persuasion would believe that the BBC is neutral. The Left have collective "head in the sand syndrome" when it comes to the BBC''s bias [:@][url]http://www.civitas.org.uk/pdf/impartialityatthebbc.pdf[/url][/quote]You right-wingers wont be happy until all that is left is Sky, Daily Mail, ITV and Heart FM. Or in other words, a culture-free British desert. Stop moaning about the Beeb, it''s something this country has got right (not perfect) and for God''s sake put down the Daily Mail and go and read something that isn''t hate filled, anti-British claptrap.You''ll get stomach ulcers reading that shite.[/quote]Oh, do spare me the cr*p, Herman, you''ve never been able to see the wood for the trees - makes me wonder why you get involved in any political discourse.It''s all good though, you''re not alone - and it''s hypocrisy like yours and your ilk which is killing the British left [:D]
  10. The evidence for the BBC''s left-wing bias is so overwhelming that only someone of the same left-wing persuasion would believe that the BBC is neutral. The Left have collective "head in the sand syndrome" when it comes to the BBC''s bias [:@][url]http://www.civitas.org.uk/pdf/impartialityatthebbc.pdf[/url]
  11. [url]https://theconversation.com/hard-evidence-how-biased-is-the-bbc-17028[/url]
  12. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="BroadstairsR"]Not quite sure of the degree of irony in much of the above, but I would still want to jump vigorously in defence of the BBC. The existence of the Beeb has always seemed to divide opinions. Whether it is the licence fee, the manner in which it is levied or how much it amounts to, or the fact of the corporation''s very existence that causes antagonism is sometimes somewhat difficult to ascertain. The BBC often seems far more appreciated throughout the World than it does at home. It''s news service, whether it be television or radio, World News or World service, is usually recognised for it''s quality and it''s fair and accurate reporting. It''s status is something for us Brits to be proud of and it''s independence is envied by many. A massive amount of it''s productions, from Top Gear through crime series and onto period dramas, are dollar earners from the four corners of the Globe and, even if this money does go directly into the Corporation''s coffers, much of it filters through to those involved in theses productions. I am not sure if the Beeb''s very existence is unique throughout the World, but the fact that it is not reliant upon incessant advertising places it apart from the myriad of channels that have mushroomed in the past decade pumping out repeats (and therefore providing the BBC with more added income,) and movies punctuated by advert after advert. I watched Game of Thrones last night and I am sure that for every ten minutes of action we got nearly that in adverts. You find yourself fast-forwarding out of frustration, and invariably get it wrong. The BBC is a bargain compared with all other subscription television and the fact that no money goes into shareholder''s pockets naturally helps with cost-effectiveness. Sky get money from subscriptions which make the Beeb''s licence fee pale into insignificance, they get money from advertising, they get money from selling on their sport, yet they still come up with a flagship nonentity of a channel like Sky 1. It gets better with Atlantic in fairness. As a BBC apologist I would venture to suggest that the BBC is a valuable National Institution and, whilst not on the level of the Welfare State and the NHS, takes it''s place somewhere in equal distance between these and the English Premier League (? cannot insert a smiley.) Critics will attack the principle of the licence fee, the perceived waste involved and the assumed "leftie" nature of the Corporation, but, to me at least, the thought of being a couch-potato without the Beeb is perfectly appalling. It is the sheet anchor of our viewing, it is always there and is as comforting and traditional as a pint of good old English real ale. It might not be a case of "BBC for sport" any more, but the general quality is still there for all to appreciate. "Sunday Morning Coming Round," J. Cash.[/quote]Bravo. A couple of points. The licence fee may not be the best way of funding the BBC, but most major western European countries have some kind of inescapable broadcasting tax. As for the BBC''s supposed left-wing bias, this is mainly put forward by those with a commercial or political axe to grind, and is a fantasy. If the BBC has an overall  "political" stance it is very much a conservative (with a lower-case) one of the maintenance of the status quo in terms of Britain being a capitalist society and a constitutional monarchy, with a formal role for religion, as opposed to being a republican parliamentary democracy, socialist and secular, or even just one or two of those three.[/quote]Utter bilge, Purple, I was hoping for a moment that you were one of the brighter bulbs in the pack [:|] The BBC is the spearhead of the 50 year, incremental, liberal/left revolution - those with a ''political axe to grind'' are right-wing and it certainly isn''t fantasy - overall politically conservative stance my eye!As proved by Labour''s demise and UKIP''S rise in the election, the BBC and the establishment need to realise this country is going through a social revolution - most people have now assessed liberalism and its objectives and have rejected it. The only problem is they still maintain political allegiance to parties that have not renounced it as well.Why do you think UKIP get harassed, scorned, ridiculed, derided, accused, mis-represented at every opportunity by every TV station (especially the BBC), media outlet, political party, government agency, public service body, county council, reporters, polling agencies etc -- I''ll tell you why: They all eat from the same EU gravy train and here''s the proof:7,733,611 €--EU contributions to the BBC YEARLYEU Propaganda channelLINK: [url]http://ec.europa.eu/budget/fts[/url]...Link above to find out who gets payments from EU annuallyNATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS: 1,370,000 €/yearlyBirmingham city council 9,592,972 €324,823,397 €--OXFORD UNIVERSITY245,967,687 €--Cambridge University286,271,219 €--UCLDurham 51,677,768 €14,137,890 €--Essex Uniwestminster city council--7,999,652 €Leeds Uni-145,781,877 €cardiff councill-5,738,566 €cornwall council-18,000 €And the list goes ON and ON...This is why they have ignored the right-wing for the last 40 years, but now thankfully the majority of British people have finally awoken [:)]
  13. I can''t understand for the life of me how people aren''t exited about the Gall-stone fixture - it''s a proper local derby, ffs.
  14. [quote user="morty"][quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="morty"]Of course its illegal, but a lot of people square it away, as they see it as some kind of "faceless" crime.Even the BBC have given up trying to nab people for not having a license.[/quote]Perhaps soon to be academic. At last Britain has a Tory government with the gumption and backbone to end the highway robbery that is the BBC licence fee. All viewers and listeners should give thanks to the totally selfless efforts of such as the Murdoch family - who have had absolutely no axe to grind here - for their campaign. Which ranks with the movements to end slavery and give votes to women as one of the great moral crusades of western civilisation.[/quote]Personally, and there is genuinely no sarcasm here, I have no issue paying the licence fee, the BBC produces some of the best TV in the world.[/quote]''Spring Watch'' - and that''s only three weeks - the other seasons are a tad boring viewing wise -- NEXT!!
  15. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="morty"]Of course its illegal, but a lot of people square it away, as they see it as some kind of "faceless" crime.Even the BBC have given up trying to nab people for not having a license.[/quote]At last Britain has a Tory government with the gumption and backbone to end the highway robbery that is the BBC licence fee.[/quote]                                                                                                  [Y]
  16. [quote user="cannigia1"]I''m Scottish but I look at you yokels and laugh ..any team in the SPL would p.iss on Norwich and ipswich[/quote]Whatever it is you''re attempting to achieve, you should really give up on it now.My guess is you''re either an alter ego of somebody already registered or an individual/poster in your own right -- either way, you lack both the intelligence & imagination to be remotely interesting. Try getting a girlfriend.
  17. Have you considered that the Home Office looked at Majid Ali''s case in detail and decided he had no genuine fear for his life if he were deported?
  18. ''It''s Character Forming''  ~ "As if he has come back to work on his birthday as well, that just sums up the guy really!"Really? [:|][:)]
  19. [quote user="morty"]Its also his birthday!Happy birthday![/quote]OH!! Fangirl [:)]
  20. I''ve got a good feeling about this one - not ecstatic, but the sort of excitement one garners from getting dumplings in a casserole in a four star restaurant.
  21. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="quentin"][quote user="CJRV 2014"]First proper media transfer gossip, thought i would share it (even tho i highly doubt theres any truth in it) Via Greg Bird Dailly Mail Sports Editor Norwich City are weighing up a £8million bid for influential Crystal Palace midfielder James McArthur via @MailSport #CPFC #NCFC[/quote]I for one hope this is nothing but a rumour - a decent player that offers nothing in the way of diversity to what we already have and way too much expense for a 27 year old who''s possibly peaked as a novelty act in a side that will be relegated next season.One of my fears from the start of Neil''s appointment was his being overly jingoistic and signs are already suggesting that this may be the case.[/quote]Not only do I not think that''s true, but even if so i''m a 100 times happier having him in charge than NA!![/quote]You might think it true if Neil does actually sign Ross McCormack [:P] And wtf have any potential Neil signings or the two he''s already made got to do with Adams?
  22. Bearing in mind, Wolfswankle, I dunno if signing players with peculiar names is such a good idea -- especially Finbogasson which does sound similar to ''finger-bassong''.
  23. [quote user="mrs miggins"]http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/other-football/alex-neil-footballs-most-ruthless-manager-and-why-he-was-always-208525n.127468956[/quote]Journalistic hindsight at its most preposterous, ffs. We all want Alex to succeed, but please avoid posting self-interested sh*te like the above article. ''IT is unknown what the midwife said when Alexander Francis Neil first entered the world but she probably commented on the fact that one day this baby would definitely go on to become a football manager of some renown.''Seriously!?!! [:D] You absolute tit.
  24. [quote user="Nuff Said"]I''m sure someone, probably BYG, posted something this time last season about the importance of the captain being marginal at best. How much does it really matter?[/quote]It doesn''t matter, NS - When you field a side of 11 you give them the belief they''re all f*cking Captains - end of.
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