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  1. Anyone got any advice re parking and a good place for drink b4 game otbc
  2. Looking for one or two tickets this Saturday john 07767 864575. Thx for looking.
  3. Single one in n and p tel 07767 864575
  4. I have a ticket behind the Goal in N & P for Saturday - 30 seats up - good seat - £30 call me 07767 864575 if interested. Thx John
  5. If somebody suddenly has a spare one please call or text 07767 864575 Many thx john
  6. If anybody has a spare one please contact me on 07767 864575 tel or text. Many thanks John
  7. Still available I live in Yarmouth or you can meet my friend at the gate. Looking for £30. Good Seat
  8. Unfortunately I am on holiday next week so unable to attend game. I have one seat available behind the goal lower level of N&P. Please contact me on 07767 864575 if interested.
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